Links & Loves & Thoughts


Sophia is a total nature girl, she LOVES everything about being outside. She gets that from Adrian. I on the other hand if they build a Hilton in the middle of the woods I would so go camping. That could be because I have never been camping. But I love this photo of Sophia..I love the fact that her personality is exploding. I love the fact that she loves being outside and exploring…and I love that she loves to help. She loves to help set the table for dinner..she loves to help water the garden…she loves to play…and she loves hugs & kisses. I love the fact that I am proud to call her my daughter & I am blessed to be able to be a stay – at- home mom.

Now onto the Links:

I am obsessed with these Mason Jars from The Mason Bar Company. They are awesome. The leather cuff is sold separately.


I love these pens! They are so awesome to write with, I used to use the black ones when I worked as  CSR for medical equipment. And I love how they don’t bleed through the other pages of your notebook. Who doesn’t like an awesome pen!

I came across this new blog called Sally’s Baking Addiction. I love adding new blogs to my list. I love reading blogs!! Comment me your blog!

I don’t drink a lot of Starbucks, it’s not that I don’t like it. I just don’t like drinking all of those calories. But I am very temped to try their Starbucks’ New Granitas. Looks so good! If you try them let me know which one you try…and your thoughts of course.

If you are looking for a great mascara that is not really expensive. You can find it at different Walmart locations or Walmart Website. It’s the Drew Barrymore mascara. That is my go to mascara, what is most awesome about this mascara you can change the type of brush you want by twisting the top of the mascara wand. There are 3 settings Volumizing, Curling and Lengthening it’s awesome!


I love Valerie Bertinelli cooking show, she is so cute! And personable. A few months ago I came across these Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies that Valerie Bertinelli made on her show. They are amazing we couldn’t keep our hands off of them. I think I may do a blog post on these in the future. Try em’!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!