I Couldn’t Resist..


I am in love plain & simple. I caved yesterday on my way home from running errands at Target and a few other places.  I didn’t have any intention of purchasing a Starbucks drink especially since I am watching my calorie intake, but I couldn’t resist. So I whipped out my good ole’ Starbucks gift card and purchased my first ever Caramel Espresso Granita.

Let me put it to you like this…stop whatever you’re doingfind the closest Starbucks and buy one of these bad boys. This drink you will find that it is refreshing, smooth, and easy to drink. I have a Starbucks about two minutes up the street from where I live and I wasn’t sure this was going to make it home. The espresso is rich tasting but definitely not overpowering, the caramel gives it a underlying sweet taste but not too sweet. It balances each other out quite perfectly.

If you are going to compare this drink to a Caramel Macchiato I didn’t feel deprived by any means. I was completely satisfied. My only complaint is I wish it was going to be on their Starbucks menu permanently.

Are you curious about the nutrition facts on the Caramel Expresso Granita check it out. I believe you will be quite satisfied, I mean it’s not like drinking water with lemon..but hey it’s Starbucks.

Have you have tried one of their newest drinks on their menu?