Give Hope with SoapBox


Have you ever heard of SoapBox? I didn’t until about a few weeks ago. It is an organization that gives bars of soap that is in need with every single purchase of their soap. Which I think is awesome!

I purchased mine at Target a few weeks back and have been trying it out ever since then. Target did not have a great selection in scents like their online website does, but I ended up with the scent Coconut. It smells so good when you are taking a shower, I did not think the scent was over powering by any means.

It feels nice to be able to give back so easily. With one purchase of their soap I was able to give a bar of soap. The things we take of granted, is what some other countries are in dire need of. It’s funny how we use soap on an everyday basis and do not think of how soap would impact our lives if we didn’t have it accessible to us. Some of us have back-up soap for when we run out, others in the world don’t have it at all.

Think about what it would be like to not have soap. What would you do? I personally do not know. We can’t say “well there are alternatives to soap.” Is there? For these people is there an alternative? If they can’t afford soap, how could they afford an alternative?

After I got home from Target and I went on SoapBox website and I put my HopeCode into their registry and this is what I got in return:




You don’t have a choice on who or what country the soap goes to. Mine went to India. I loved knowing that I was able to help someone in need.

With everything that is going on in the world our humanity should always be intact, because at the end of the day we are only people. We are the only ones that can shed some light on the darkest of days, and bring more positive energy to the world.

If you are interested in SoapBox please visit their website.

*This is not a sponsored post*