Friendship Starts Over a Keurig Machine


This past Saturday I had some very overdue “me time,” with my friend Emily. Emily and I met when I was working as a CSR for medical equipment. Upon returning back from North Carolina after my internship at Pinehurst Golf Resort. Instead of baking, I found myself buried in medical paperwork, insurance guidelines and regulations and medical equipment (such as cpaps, bipaps, vpaps, oxygen machines, wheelchairs, compression stockings etc).

A girls gotta pay the bills!

But I had the best group of women co-workers one could ever ask for. They were kick ass!

My desk was right by the Keurig machine, so almost every morning we would chit chat for a little bit while waiting for our daily dose of caffeine to kick in. And it was greatly needed most days. So, our friend started over a Keurig machine.

Emily and I have been trying to get together with each other for about 4 months literally, maybe even longer. Our schedules never seemed to match up, we would have a coffee date planned then something would come up and prompt one of us to ask to reschedule.

Life happens!

I went antiquing for the first time in my life. In a little town about twenty-five minutes away from where I live. It was really fascinating what people sell or throw away. There was a ton of pieces that had a bunch of history installed in them, that made it feel wrong to own.


Such as this wheelchair. As I examined it, all sorts of random thoughts ran through my mind such as; How old is it? Who sat in it? Where did it come from? How many people used it? If you were to buy this piece what would you do with it? In the end it sort of gave me an eerie feeling. I honestly don’t think that is something that I would be able to own, it seems to personal.

Towards the end of our Saturday adventures, we landed our butts in a more familiar atmosphere…Starbucks.


I tried the Coconut Milk Mocha that Emily recommended and I  really liked it. Naturally I do not care for chocolate coffee, but this was a lot better than some other chocolate coffee’s I have had in the past. Would I get it again? Yes. I didn’t feel really guilty about drinking it compared to some of my favorite Starbucks drinks.

Instead of having their a-mazing Pumpkin Bread that was calling my name through the display glass, I opted for their cheese tray.

If you get anything from out of this post, let me leave you with this…Drop everything you are doing and go get the Coconut Milk Mocha and Cheese Tray from Starbucks.

What did you do this Saturday?