My New Favorite Eye-Shadow Pallet


My make-up has always remained somewhat neutral. I have been dying for a new eye shadow pallet, but there wasn’t any that really caught my eye until I saw Lorac Pro Mega 3 in my Utla magazine.

I instantly fell in love.


The top two rows are matte and the two bottom rows have a shimmer to the eye shadow. What I really like about the brand Lorac is their eye shadows are not a flaky and the go on evenly. Plus they have a very smooth-velvety texture, I love it! I honestly do not have a complaint about this pallet at all.

There are also a few shades they I typically would not wear, but I may end up experimenting with a few of those shades.

Who knows I may get out of my comfort zone a bit!


I wanted to show you some of my favorite Matte shades from top to bottom:

Pecan…Dusty Mauve…Eggplant…Maple…Toffee


Here are some of my favorite shimmer eye shadows from top to bottom:

Snow…Cider…Brown Sugar…Olive…Dk. Roast

This would be the perfect Christmas present for someone that is in need of a new eye shadow pallet or that loves neutral colors. You honestly can’t go wrong with this pallet at all. It is my favorite so far!

It is a limited edition so make sure you get yours before it is no longer available.

*This is not a sponsored post*