So this Happened…


First things first…I signed Sophia up for Preschool the other day….let me repeat..

I signed Sophia up for Preschool! I can’t believe it, it just feels like a minute ago the doctors handed me this little bundle of joy…and now she is getting ready for school.

Where did the time go? Too fast.

Besides the fact that she will be starting school in the fall…I must brag on how much I love her school. It’s wonderful. I believe we have found a fit for her. And let me say, when I did the tour of the school she stayed in the classroom with the other kids and played the entire time.

Since she did so well with the other kids, I did sign her up for a “pre- preschool,” class called KDO. It gets them ready for preschool. Friday was her first day. Initially she was only supposed to be there for 2.5 hours, but when the teacher called and told me how well she is doing I allowed her to stay the full day.

She had a blast…so much that when I picked her up she cried too “play more peas.”

So she is going back on Monday for a few hours.

Mama may hit up the gym!

Friday evening we decided to do a little bit of celebrating Sophia’s success with KDO and also it was 78 degrees in Pittsburgh! Who knew! I was in heaven…my kind of weather!

We picked my mom up from work and headed over to Bloomfield in Pittsburgh for the best pizza around!


If you follow me on Snapchat you may have noticed that I posted the “best pizza in the world,” photo. If you are ever in Bloomfield check out Angelo’s Pizzeria. Sophia also tried Anchovies for the first time

And. Loved. Them.



This restaurant has amazing Italian Food! About 4 days before I had Sophia we all came down to Italian Days…mainly to eat. Well when you’re 9 months pregnant and all you want is Italian food, this is the place to get the job done!


After dinner and walking around enjoying the bizarre weather for February, we got Ice Cream at this little shop called Scoops Ice Cream. Sophia got their Salted Caramel and ate the entire cone!


I got their Chocolate Almond! So good! Chocolate Almond is my favorite way to eat Chocolate Ice Cream! Sophia helped me with this one as well..but I think she preferred the Salted Caramel.


I wonder what kind of story is being read here? Looks intense.


Sophia loved walking around, looking at all the lights from the different stores…but she enjoyed her shadow even more! She kept trying to jump on her shadow, which made a few strangers chuckle as they passed by us.


We all got to meet Oscar the dog! Sophia was completely smitten by him!


The city lights as we drove home! The evening was very pleasant and it felt so nice to get out and do something that you weren’t rushing to get inside to keep warm. I am definitely looking forward to some nicer weather!

*The photos taken on here were with my iPhone 6s Plus*