And the Winner is….

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So today is the big day! I’m answering all of your giveaway questions! There was quite a response and some pretty great questions asked! I will announce the winner of the Pearl Necklace after I answer your questions first.

1. What’s my favorite place to go with Sophia? Around Pittsburgh I would have to say the park. Sophia is very “outdoorsy,” where as I am not as much. She loves playing with flowers and other children. It’s so amazing to watch her grow up and explore her surroundings, but if I’m not in Pittsburgh, I will say my favorite place to go with her is the beach. Sophia loves the water and is very comfortable with it.

2. What is my favorite movie? I actually don’t have a favorite movie, but one movie that I can watch over and over again is The American President with Annette Bening and Michael Douglas. Such a great Sunday movie.

3. What are my favorite crafts to do with Sophia? And favorite Spring crafts? I am honestly not much of a ‘crafter,’ it’s not that I don’t like to do them…I am always so busy. Sophia and I enjoy baking and cooking together…she is my little helper in the kitchen. I let her pour and mix different things. My favorite Spring craft if you consider it a craft is planting flowers with Sophia. At Target in their dollar section they had a kids gardening shovel and these little flowers you plant in a egg carton…I grabbed a few and we still yet have to plant them. Maybe later this week we will. If you aren’t a ‘crafter’ or don’t have the time allow your kids to help you in the kitchen…as long as its safe. You can always search Pinterest for ideas….Pinterest is amazing.

4. What makes me blush? I found this to be the most interesting question, because honestly what doesn’t make me blush? It’s not hard to make me blush, but what makes me bush most are dirty jokes….

5. Do I prefer sunsets or sunrises? I love a sunset! To me nothing beats a sunset!

6. What’s my favorite vacation spot? Where do I go? What do I do? My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii…I love the atmosphere and the water. Besides Hawaii I love Myrtle Beach, SC and Cape May, New Jersey. I am a traveller so I will basically go anywhere. My dream vacation is Turks & Caicos. When I am at the beach you won’t find me laying out, I am usually chasing after Sophia. Prior to kids you wouldn’t find me laying out still…I find it quite boring. I really enjoy water sports such as Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding, kayaking on the ocean. And of course looking for seashells.

7. What do you find the hardest part about divorce and being a single parent? Divorce is hard in general, no matter who initiates the divorce. With my divorce I was the one the told Adrian that I wanted a divorce. It was one of the hardest words that ever had to come out of my mouth, it’s words that I never ever intended on saying. Not alone get a divorce. When someone decides divorce is the best option you’re giving up that dream you had with that person and giving up all the plans you may have had for the future. For Adrian and I it was having more babies, building a home and just being a family. Another hard aspect is when the other party has moved on and you haven’t. Even though you initiated the divorce the worst feeling in the world is when the other party doesn’t fight for you and just lets you walk away. Maybe sometimes all it takes it a little bit of a initiation from the other person, but when it doesn’t happen and they do everything in the world to see another person…time away from seeing their own child, that’s what hurts the most. When you were supposed to have meant “the world,” to that person but they move on and walk away so easily without hesitation. It’s knowing that you weren’t worth fighting for. Another thing is dating, I am not dating anyone and I have no intention in dating anyone for a while. I mean I am not even divorced yet, plus I am not ready to date. It will take someone quite special for me to date them. I have been through hell for several years and dating just seems unappealing right now. I am still mourning my marriage. Plus, Sophia is the most important person in the world to me and to bring a stranger into her life isn’t going to happen. One thing I know for sure is in the future when I decide to date, that person won’t meet her until I feel things are going good and I feel comfortable enough. I refuse to have different people come in and out of her life. It’s not fair to her.

As for as being a single mom, I have been doing that for quite sometime so that wasn’t hard getting used too. There are some aspects that make it hard is your entire life is wrapped around theirs 100% of the time. Meaning you hardly get any down time for yourself. When you have kids your life completely changes as the way it should; they should be number one. Nothing and no one should ever come before them. For some people that is what happens and others it doesn’t.

Divorce isn’t easy. It’s not romantic as some movies may portray it..and it doesn’t always end with that one person coming after you and you living happily ever after. Divorce is messy…Divorce is letting go of someone that you never really wanted too..

8. Who is your favorite actress? I have always loved Drew Barrymore!

9. What is your dream job? Blogging has brought me so much joy in the last year and I have met so many fantastic bloggers that I have been completely blown away by their generosity and positivity. I would love if my blogging turned into a job where I would have the ability to work from home so I can raise my daughter. I love traveling so much, so if somehow I can incorporate blogging and traveling together that would be ideal. My goal is to show Sophia the world and hope she loves to travel as much as I do…because I have that gypsy blood in me.

10. What is hidden talent? I am really good with knots….knots in jewelry..basically any kind of knot. I can get something untangled in no time, it’s a really weird talent that has served it’s purpose in the last 29 years of existence.

Okay onto the real reason why you guys are here!!!!!

The winner of the Hawaiian Pearl Necklace is……drum roll please…..


Crissie Woolard!!! I will be contacting you soon! 

Thank you everyone that has entered into this giveaway! I hope you have an amazing day!