All-Natural Deodorant Research

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One thing in life I think that everyone has in common that we all wear deodorant on a regular basis. For as long as I can remember, I have always been a deodorant fanatic, there may have been a few times in the past where I have forgotten to put it on. It was an awful feeling, I felt naked. My fear growing up was smelling and it still is.

I know if I was stranded on an island one product that would come with me would be deodorant. Weird?

Although deodorant has been such an importance in my life for as long as I can remember and an important step in my daily routine, I never gave it any consideration..

What is exactly in deodorant? What is the difference between regular deodorant that is sold at local groceries stores vs. all natural deodorant? Is it worth spending more money on all-natural deodorant ?

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While Sophia and I were vacationing in Hawaii last month I was contacted by a group of researchers that tested 23 different formulas to find their top all-natural deodorants that is available to consumers.

Here are their findings on all natural deodorants

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After I read the article, I was surprised by how much I did not know about deodorant. It’s incredible. I admit that when I shop for deodorant at the grocery store it isn’t all-natural, it’s whats on sale and what smells the best, but I never put into consideration what I am applying under arms.

Now I am definitely rethinking about my deodorant choices and thinking about something more natural and healthier for myself.

One interesting fact is that I did no know that Coconut Oil is a natural odor eliminator. Who knew?

So, if you are in the market for a natural deodorant this summer, please take the time read their all natural deodorant findingsbecause it will help you narrow down what  are the best all-natural deodorants to consider purchasing. Especially if you are new to all-natural deodorants and don’t know where to begin.

**This is not a sponsored post and the dark blue- bold print are links to the deodorant research**