Summer to do List

PicMonkey Collage-6-5

Summer bucket lists are popping up like crazy, they just so happen to be one of my favorite things to read. It gives me ideas as to what Sophia and I can do this summer. Now, a lot of people have bucket lists that are 50 things that they want to do this summer, but realistically speaking I know I won’t be able to accomplish 50 things…..maybe before kids, BUT I am more realistic nowadays…and I think 5 things Sophia and I can accomplish.

If we get through our list, I can also add a few more that would have made my 5 things more like 50 things.

  • Going to the Carnival seems like it would be ultra fun for Sophia. I can’t express my fear of carnival rides though. I have this vision in my mind that I am on a ride that is called “The Spider,” where you are going in a circle and it’s arms are launching you in the air…my fear that a bolt lets go and I am launched across the carnival somewhere. But I know my over-active imagination get the best of me. So if you know any decent carnivals in the Pittsburgh area please share!
  • Outdoor Movie Night just seems perfect for the summer. I am definitely going to be giving Sophia a outdoor movie night with some of her friends. I actually can’t wait to start planning it. I am thinking Pizza, popcorn….sleeping bags…twinkle lights…Root Beer Floats. And as for the parents…LCR and maybe some wine. Gotta’ love summer nights. Oh and how can I forget…..BUG SPRAY! I believe this is the closest to camping that we are going to get.
  • Hiking with Sophia now I think she will enjoy this…me, maybe not so much….BUT… Sophia is a nature girl so this might be perfect. We can explore different parks around the area…and I can take photos. I think that is a fair trade. If I had a kayak maybe hit up a large lake….but I think Sophia would be afraid of that.
  • Hit the Gym YES PLEASE! Nothing makes me feel better than a sweaty workout….totally gross I know..BUT…it just makes me feel better all the way around. I am dying to get my ass and stomach to the way it was before pregnancy. You mama’s out there know what I am talking about. Things are just different ya know?! Take up some Yoga classes…and there is a class called Pound at my gym that I am dying to take…you use drum sticks…basically had me at hello.
  • Wine and Paint Class is actually one of my favorite things to do. When I was in high school many moons ago…gosh 11 years now…I always took a painting class. Now that I am well over the age for legal drinking and I still have the passion to paint…this is perfect. So I want to gather up some friends and paint…the wine makes it more fun!

Do you have any fun summer plans?