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I really miss moments like this. Nothing is more precious than when your child falls asleep in your arms. Sophia used to do this quite often as a baby, but now since she is an active toddler and is…here..there..and everywhere, I definitely take advantage of times like this.

The funny thing is even though she hasn’t slept in my arms in quite sometime, the position she is sleeping in has never changed.  The reality of this photo is quite honest, because it brings me back to the when Sophia was under a year old. Most likely I wasn’t wearing make-up around the house, I was wearing older clothes, hair pulled up and had a baby fast asleep on my chest. This is what my early stages of motherhood looked like.

Quite honestly, it really hasn’t changed too much….except Sophia’s favorite thing to sleep with are her Peppa’ Pigs, Baby Alive or the famous Doc. McStuffins.

So capture those moments even if you don’t look your best. It will be worth it!

Now onto Links:

Have you read this book? I bought this book a couple months back for vacation…and I never read it. But I did finally start it the other day and I love it!!!

I am obsessed with Mindy Mae’s Market  have you heard of it? If not, check it out!!! There are so many sweaters I would looooove to purchase for the fall and winter months!

Beauty and the Beast Make-up Palette perfect for a birthday present! Especially if she loves Beauty and the Beast!

Does anyone know about doTerra Oils? I am actually learning about them and quite intrigued!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!!