Every time I travel I always have the tendency of over packing..well more like over stuffing to be exact. When I went away to Hawaii for two weeks you could imagine what my suite case looked like…the sucker was practically busting at the seams. Surprisingly it wasn’t over the fifty pound limit.

I remember when I was packing the I packed this really cute orange-red purse that I KNEW that I was going to use…

I ended up using this wristlet from my latest FabFitFun Box! !! It turned out that this wristlet was PERFECT! Definitely carried everything that Sophia and I needed for our daily adventures!

Yeah, I never used the purse I brought, if you’re wondering!

Besides what any female would put in their wristlet… wallet and personal items…. here is what I also added to mine….

What was in my Wristlet:

My Contact Solution I bought the travel size, this was such a lifesaver! I found my eyes were a lot more irritated on vacation than any other time I wear my contacts. So I was able to whip those bad boy out and sport my 4 eyed look if needed. I have really bad astigmatisms in both eyes, that when I do wear my contacts it makes color and detail more vibrant. Which is something that I need when I am doing detailed work on cakes.

Shea Body Butter I actually bought this when I was in the Denver Airport in the travel size. My skin was so dry that it couldn’t wait about 15 hours before I would get to moisturize it. So low and behold The Body Shop were having some fantastic deals on their body butter….a little goes a long way, and I still carry the same one in my purse.

Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm This happens to by my favorite lip balm for the summertime, but if you can’t find this brand at your local Ulta..a must have for me all year round is the Smith’s Rosebud Salve …it’s amazing!!!!!!

Portable Phone Charger I never knew how much I loved mine until I received one as a gift. Many people think that I am just “playing on my phone,” but not everyone realizes that I constantly reading…articles…books…etc. The only two games I have on my phone are Candy Crush and Words with Friends….I love love love word games. But a lot of times if you see me staring at my phone I’m reading. Now, when I was on vacation my battery was dying more than usual….between photos and video recordings it was constantly being used….and needed be recharged! This device definitely was handy.

Dried Mango This is like chocolate to me…when I am at the beach I am really active, so I swear my appetite increases so much! I kept dried Mango in my wristlet like ninety percent of the time, plus Sophia loves it! Definitely helped with Sophia and I would get ‘hangry.’

These are the items I kept in my wristlet most of the time while I was away. Some days I would add more items depending on what we were doing, but these items were the staple in my wristlet.

What do you bring on vacation that is a must have?