Answering your Dating Questions



Ever since I have opened up about my divorce on here I have received a few emails asking about some dating advice, divorce advice…and some just want to know some other stuff about my person a life. So here I am to answer your questions..

1. Are you dating anyone? I am not dating anyone…I’m not even talking too anyone, I am strictly on a friendship level with my guy friends..also known as “the friends zone.” My guy friends are like brothers to me, so I think to take it to the “next level,” would be strange. 

2. Are you looking to date anyone? Let’s just say if someone came along that I was interested in or wanted to date…then yes I would go on a date. But honestly I am not seeking a relationship out. I am not going joining dating sites and when I got out with friends it’s just to get out and have fun. If I meet someone…then I meet someone. 

3. Are you excited about dating? And what advice do you have for dating? Ha! This is a loaded question. I am excited about meeting new people and see where it takes me. I am not looking for anything serious right off the bat, but if it turns serious in the future then so be it. I guess you can say I am excited about the possibility of dating, but I am also nervous because it’s been quite sometime.  Advice for dating? Oh boy! I have not dated in 6.5 years! I am pretty sure some things have changed since then a bit…or not…but I will always say, be yourself and be honest with that person up front. I think being yourself can be a little intimidating because we all have weird quirks and what if that person thinks “you’re strange,” then I say so be it. If they don’t like you I’m sure you’ll find someone that thinks your strangeness’ is cute. As far as honesty, this is a biggie for me. I want an honest relationship especially if things get serious. I think it is only right to be honest with that person about yourself especially if you see your relationship progressing to a more serious level. It’s only fair to both parties that are involved.

4. How do you plan on dating while being a single parent and when will Sophia meet the person you’re dating? As I mentioned in a previous post that my number one priority is Sophia. The man that I am dating has to understand that I am Sophia’s main parent. I am a single mom, with the help of my family, but still at the end of the day Sophia completely relies on me 100% of the time. I have dated when I was younger and I know it is going to be more challenging now; considering being a single mom. But when the right guy comes around he will be patient and we will work with each other. Relationships are not a one way street, you have to work at them together. Sophia will not know that I am dating anyone until I feel comfortable on having her meet that person. Meaning, when I date someone they won’t be meeting her right off the bat. I don’t want her to get attached to someone, then we break up and Sophia be hurt because she “misses them.” And I hope the person I am dating understands that. In the long run I am protecting my daughter. My personal life and being a mother are completely separate until I feel things progress in that relationship. 

5. Sex and dating? Another loaded question that makes me blush even thinking about it. Sex and dating… I am not a one date kind of gal and jump into bed with you the next night. I want to know the person that I could potentially being intimate with and I want them to respect me. Everyone has their own way of handling sex and dating, and whatever you choose to do that is your own business and I would never judge you. But personally speaking being intimate with someone is special act and a very personal act between two people. Plus I am deathly afraid of STD’s so sex isn’t that big of a deal to me and it isn’t worth a one-night-stand. I want to be comfortable with that person, I want there to be a mutual respect between the both of us for each other. 

6. What kind of guys do you like? I really don’t think I have “type,” per say. I am attracted to guys that can dance like Channing Tatum or Robert Hoffman…break dancing. I am not to picky, but naturally I am attracted to dark hair or lighter colored hair. I love someone that has a great sense of humor but knows when to be serious. Taller than me, but that’s not to hard because I’m about 5’4 1/2…5’5. I have a tendency to dating older guys, Adrian was 9 years older than me. Considering I am 29 I definitely want to date someone that is in their 30’s. I definitely want to be with someone that has a good job and their heads on straight. 

7. What was the worst date you ever been on? I was a senior in high school, and I went on a date with this guy but I don’t even think it qualifies as a date. It was weird. It was my aunts friends son who was around my age. Maybe a year older…who knows…anyways my aunt had this idea about us “hanging out.” I honestly didn’t want to, but I figured what the hell…it can’t hurt. This guy invited me to hang out with some of his friends…like a group date. I felt like I had no choice so I went. A group of his friends literally played frisbee in a parking lot and I just stood there. I was so bored and couldn’t wait to leave and go home. Like a good sport I stuck it out. We talked for like a few minutes and instantly I knew I wasn’t into him. I called a good friend of mine Crystal and was like “there are a bunch of hot guys where I am at…come hang out with us.” She came up and said “where are all the hot guys.” I told her I straight up lied to her so we can hang out. We lasted like a half hour and then hit the road. I left that guy in the parking lot and he said “I will call ya babe.” I rolled my eyes and left. He called like two days later and asked me to prom. I pretended I didn’t get his message. It was so strange. I never saw him again.

8. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? I want too ultimately be happy. I would love to be married and possibly have more kids. I would love Sophia to have some siblings. But my dream would be to have a family and build my own home. If I am not married, I at least want a healthy relationship. But if neither of those come true, then I definitely want to be the best mom that I can be and give Sophia the best life I can. So, ultimately raise my little girl and be happy!

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