Let’s Catch Up


This week has been quiet over here on the blog, life has been really busy this week. My nephew stayed a week with me and it was awesome! He is such an awesome kid that I don’t get tired of hanging out with him. The other factor is normally I blog late at night, and this week it wasn’t happening…my iron has been off for several days, so when Sophia was going to bed I wasn’t to far behind her.

Between the extra iron pill and the large amount of Spinach intake this week..I am finally feeling back to normal. If you have an iron deficiency issue you probably know exactly what I am talking about. When I was pregnant with Sophia I had to take my prenatal vitamin everyday and an extra iron vitamin on top of it. When my iron is off, I can probably sleep the entire day away, but with an almost three year old….that’s impossible.

Random Thoughts…

Sophia is a child that is filled with endless energy, from the moment she wakes up..she is literally up and out of bed..ready to go. Meanwhile, I am not…I prefer to take my time. So most mornings I am pretty sure I look like a something that should be cast in the show The Walking Dead. Poor child.

If you are a subway lover like me then I must share with you my favorite thing to eat there. Now my bread alternates a lot but typically I enjoy their Italian Bread the best. I found the the Italian Herb and Cheese can be a bit to much for me, flavor wise. I normally will get their Turkey with Provolone….NOT TOASTED….a good amount of Spinach…Cucumbers….Black Olives and literally one squirt of Mayo. If I don’t get Turkey then I will make it a Veggie Sandwich…that’s only when I want to feel extra healthy. Panera used to be my favorite sandwich place to eat at, but it’s gone downhill; plus it’s expensive. Sophia and I ate there about a month ago, for my sandwich and her kids sandwich it came to about 25 dollars. The sandwiches weren’t anything to ride home about.

My divorce is final next week. I didn’t realize it was coming up so soon. Adrian and I didn’t go through family-court system, we agreed on our own terms with lawyers involved. Last Thursday we signed our agreement forms and I thought the 3-month waiting period would take place once it was filed, but when I contacted my lawyer she told me one day next week it’s final. I was really shocked, definitely wasn’t expecting that to be my answer. The 3-month waiting period starts once you petition the court for a divorce. I did mine about 5 months ago, but with Adrian being on the road as a trucker it’s hard to serve papers. It was just a waiting game, but I will be doing a post next week on my final thought on everything. It will probably be a very bittersweet post.

Random Links…

Check this blog out! Her recipes look amazing and her humor is just perfect! If you’re feeling blah just go check out her instagram stories…they’re the best!

I love this double hood Sweatshirt and this one!

I am thinking about going here next summerThe last time I was there was when I was 22. If you go, I suggest on going in July or August. I went one time in June…it was chilly the entire week.

Ever been to Aspen, Colorado? I am dying to go there and also Banff, Canada. I have never went skiing before (my family weren’t very outdoorsy people growing up), I am actually quite terrified of it..especially since Sonny Bono wrapped himself around a tree and died, I can totally see myself doing that somehow; or just getting really jacked up. I am better with water sports.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?