Pittsburgh Cookies



Have I ever told you that I am a baker? And that I recently re-started up my baking business from home? Money has been extremely tight for me the last two months. I have been in search of a part-time job for quite sometime that works with my schedule, but nothing has come up yet.

Hopefully, come the end of summer I will have better luck. Until then I am doing some baking on the side to help make things a tad easier. I am still pinching pennies, but hopefully things will start to look up financially soon.

Last week I had an order of 5 dozen beach themed Sugar Cookies for a wedding. If you know anything about Pittsburgh Weddings or if you ever been to a Pittsburgh Wedding…besides the Groom and Bride, the second most important thing at a wedding reception is the cookie table.

If you live and Pittsburgh and don’t have cookies at your wedding…then you obviously didn’t grow up are Pittsburgh. I am not talking about a few hundred cookies, I am talking…about several thousand cookies….all different kinds of cookies.

It’s insane. And yes, the guests usually bring home a container or two filled with cookies.


When I had the order to do the Sugar Cookies…I have to time everything out perfectly.

Mainly because of Sophia….

Let’s just say she likes to…..


I do a lot of my baking and decorating very late in the evenings, after Sophia is in bed.

With this particular order, I baked the cookies off one night and decorated them the next night.

I started decorating the cookies around 11:30 p.m. until 2:30-3:00 am….I was bushed…I had all of a sudden a littler helper woke up from sleeping and  wanted to help…..


I had about 8 cookies to go for the order and about 5 extras for those moments of….

“Shit… can’t believe I just dropped that…” kind of moment.

Needless to say Sophia ended up decorating her own beach cookie.

I kept everything in a nice and organized manner…but by the time Sophia was done decorating…sprinkles were EVERYWHERE!!!!

I loved it…but I believe Sophia loved it even more!!!!


It is moments like this as a mother I will never forget. I will never forget the look of excitement on Sophia’s face when she was decorating her own sugar cookie. I will never forget how she thought it was funny that the sprinkles would bounce on the floor when they were dropped…or how she told me she loved and gave me a kiss for allowing her to decorate one.

I will never forget that night for as long as I live. It was so special to me and she just made it extra special.