Dessert Date with Sophia


The other day I was dying to get out of the house. My week so far has been really off, everything and anything has been going wrong; I picked Sophia up from preschool and we headed to our local Barnes and Noble.

This is our spot, we both love Barnes and Noble, it’s my happy place….the atmosphere gets me every time.

The employees are always so cheerful, I have never come across one that was miserable…

Ever…have you?


The first thing Sophia says upon our entrance into Barnes and Noble is “mommy this place smells so good and is really clean….”

Which was overheard by two employees and their response was while chuckling “if a child recognize that..then we must be doing something right.”


Right away Sophia and I head back to the children section. She LOVES their train they have there, if I had more space in her bedroom I would consider purchasing her own train set just like this one.

I normally sit there and watch her play or I play with her, depends on what she wants me to do. Just watching her imagination run wild is so amazing, if she catches me listening to her she will automatically stop, so I pretend I am “reading,” just so I can enjoy her story telling.

My favorite is when Sophia will say to me “mom remember,”….when this or that happened.. and I honestly have no idea what she is talking about; she starts making up stories all the time.

It’s adorable, it melts my heart.


Barnes and Noble has been a place where I have been taking Sophia for quite sometime. When we go to the mall we typically end up at the Barnes and Noble just so she can play with their train station.

Most of the time during our visit I am usually following Sophia’s lead, if your children are anything like Sophia she also loves Barnes and Noble Cafe.

Every time we have our mother and daughter day dates, we always end up at their cafe for an afternoon snack.

Normally, it’s their pretzels that I LOVE… OH….SO….MUCH, but this time Sophia had more of a sweet tooth.


We both grabbed a slice of the Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake, that just so happens to be my favorite from their restaurant.


This was Sophia and I before I dropped her off at school that day, I wanted to get a photo of her and I at Barnes and Noble, but she just was not having it.

Anyone find it challenging to take decent photos of you and your kids? Mine is always making goofy faces.