Fall Adventures


First and Foremost Sophia and I would love to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. If your kiddos are school I am pretty sure they are celebrating among their friends. This morning Sophia’s class did a mini Halloween production with a couple of songs that they have been practicing all October.

It was adorable to watch, even brought a tear to my eye because she is growing up so quickly.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the photos I took of Sophia, my mom and I going at some fall festivals over the past couple of weeks.

The photos are random!


The first festival we went too was close to an hour away. It was awesome, there was so much to do; I am pretty sure we didn’t see or do everything. Sophia wanted her face painted “just like all the other kids,” That was the first activity we did. I am so happy she ended up going with the butterfly, her initial choice was Spiderman.


All three of us went on a hayride, all along the hayride there was hundred of apple trees. We had every intention of picking apples that day, but the bee’s were going absolutely insane; and the idea of Sophia or my mom (she’s allergic) getting stung wasn’t worth it.

My mom instead bought a basket of some of the best apples in the world!


My mom and Sophia did the sack slide, I assume that is what you call it. I didn’t do it, that weekend I had a really bad pinched nerve in my right shoulder that ran all the way to my neck. Carrying my camera around my neck was really uncomfortable.

Sophia had a ball, she even went down two or three times alone.


How adorable is he?


The next day we went to another Pumpkin Patch that was much…much closer to home. How do you like that girls face in the background? I did not notice it until I uploaded my photos to my computer.

If anyone has little ones, a decent photo with your children is rare! This photo took about 100 times.


Sophia and I in a TeePee tent! I always love getting a photo inside of this TeePee, it’s a must!


Sophia found her Pumpkin for this year! When she was a little over a year she thought the pumpkin were orange balls. She ran all over the Pumpkin Patch saying “orange balls…orange balls…orange balls..” it was adorable!


She has been dying to ride a school bus, every time she notices one she mentions it to me. I always tell her “when you’re a little bit bigger.”

I may have to take a bus into the city with her sometime, “borrow,” a few of my moms bus tickets. She would enjoy it! Sophia rode the bus with my mom a few years ago when she was still in the car seat.

We had a lot of fun at the fall festivals this year, I just wish the fall season would last forever.

Sophia and I are going trick-or- treating tonight (well…I am walking with her), it’s super cold now I can only imagine how cold it will be tonight. We are definitely wearing layers!

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We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!