Links & Loves & Thoughts


It has been quite sometime since I have done a links & loves & thoughts post. Life has been anything but boring; and by the end of the night I am ready for bed. Sleep has become a priority in my life…well, second to Sophia of course.

Sophia and I spent four days in North Carolina this past week visiting her grandparents (a future post); we came home Monday night.

Before we left for North Carolina Sophia and I both had wicked colds going down, then 48 hours upon our return home..I sprain my left foot. It hurts so bad, but I do have it wrapped which helps so much…

Let’s just say I am happy it wasn’t my right foot….

Any remedies for a sprain? It’s my first one EVER and it has me limping. It kills when I put my shoes on and walk on it.

Ugh. So frustrating.

On a happier note, I have to share with your my ultimate favorite perfume EVER! Chance- Eau Tendre by Chanel. The first time I smelled this was several months ago. I was not in search of a new perfume; I hardly wear it as is. But this was like the gates of heaven opened up and the angels sang; because I found my signature scent! That has never happened before. If you are looking for a light scented perfume that is not over powering but has a slight sweet fruit scent with grapefruit undertones. Then this beauty is your new best friend, and the best part is you can wear it day or night. Plus the holidays are slowly approaching and this would be the perfect stocking stuffer. Please take my word for it….it’s amazing.

Have you heard of the brand Fresh? I have their one facial mask, that I purchased last year…BUT have you tried this Sugar Lips? I have not; but Nordstrom has their complete set that looks amazing.

This is a staple in my skin care routine, I dislike the scent; but it’s so worth it though.

I am sort of obsessed with him, and reading this book.

My favorite tea to make at home daily.

Have you ever made a vision board?

Some of these appetizers look so good, I might just have to try some new ones this holiday season!

Shows and movies I am loving on Netflix; Wanted, Kristy, The Blacklist, Leap Year.