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My winter wardrobe has gotten so much more basic and neutral over the last couple of years. When I became a mom three years ago I completely changed as a person; my full attention was on Sophia and being the best mom I could. And lets just say my wardrobe has become more versatile and easy going.

And can I say comfortable!

Before motherhood, I worked as a CSR Rep, I wore high heels, hair and make-up was always done…lets just say I was put together nicely. A few years later I traded the high heels in for flat shoes and messy buns. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you are a single mom on a budget you have to reuse some of your clothes from the previous seasons and know how to make them last. I picked out a few of my favorite worn staples and new staples to my winter wardrobe and let’s just say….some Ugg boots that are way out of my price line, but I did have ones that were very similar three years ago and loved them! They lasted for three years…all winter long…and I wore them every… single…day!

The jacket is from Old Navy, my mom surprised me and bought it for me this past weekend. I was complaining to her how badly I need a winter jacket that covers my back side, it was on sale for a really amazing price. It’s warm, long and so pretty in person; the photo does not do it justice by any means. And it would be ideal to wear a blanket scarf with it. If you got the Fall FabFitFun box the blanket scarf that was included in the box is perfect….and I mean perfect.

I would have to say the most versatile item that I wear all year around is the long t-shirt; and they are only ten dollars! Super comfortable and they go past your waste area….thrilling! For me that is!

I really dislike t-shirts that are only to the waste. Another can dress it up or down with some fun jewels and a bold lipstick!

So fun!

BeFunky Collage-2

Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

My two favorite favorite winter staples from above are the cardigans and the peekaboo long sleeve shirt. You can’t go wrong with a cardigan, for me that is another item that you can dress up or dress down. Personally I always have two staple cardigans hanging in my closet, I typically either have one that is a black or gray color and the other is a brighter tone like a cranberry.

Isn’t cranberry a beautiful color? You can’t got wrong with the color cranberry, it can be matched with so many other colors like navy…or gold. So pretty.

Anyways, I absolutely love a shirt that shows a little back. To me nothing is more sexier than a shirt that shows some skin in back…so playful. Throw that shirt on with a cute lacy cami, jeans or leggings with some cute boots…topped with a bold lip and call it a date night!

Honestly speaking when it come to my winter wardrobe, I love to be comfortable and warm. Pittsburgh weather is so unpredictable that I prefer to have an assortment of different clothing options for those odd days in January where you can catch me wearing flip-flops. I am personally hoping for a white Christmas this year and a milder winter for the upcoming months next year!

What are you favorite winter wardrobe staples?

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