One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

In the spirit of holiday shopping coming up in the next couple of days; I thought I would put together a gift guide for the special someone gal in your life. Personally speaking when I am in a relationship with someone I will get them a main gift then a few other things that I know that they will like.

I am not opposed to gift cards, I think they are a great add-on; but I would personally wouldn’t buy a gift card for someone and make it their main gift. I think when it comes to gift giving, I think it is only right to put some thought into it; make it special.

If I had to choose three items that are my favorite, I would definitely say my iPad; when I travel it goes with me and it’s great to watch Netflix on. Plus there are so many other great features that makes it worth investing in. My second choice would be the getaway bag, I love going away for long weekend trips so this would ideal for a weekend escapes. Plus it looks to be so durable; and I just love the two outside pockets! You definitely can’t go wrong with traveling gear, especially if you enjoy traveling like me. Lastly, the Chanel perfume; this is my far my favorite perfume in the world, the scent is so light and fresh. It’s just perfect, I enjoy wearing all year round.

Do you like the holiday gift guides? I have a few others that I would like to do within the next couple of weeks. I am thinking about doing a gift guide for him…thoughts?

Happy Shopping! I hope you have a blast, and be safe!

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