The Winner Is…

Today is the day to announce the winner of my mini GIVEAWAY! First and foremost, I must say thank you to everyone that has entered, it means a lot to me. Unfortunately, I can only chose one winner, but before I announce the winner I thought it would be fun if I would answer the questions that I have received on Instagram the other day.

I love beauty products and giving advice, so I hope you enjoy my answers to several of your questions!

1. What is my best shade for a holiday party? I assume you mean lipstick shade, personally I love the brand Bite; that is my go to brand when I am looking to purchase a new lipstick to purchase. So, I am going to share with you my three go to lip shades by the brand Bite: Sour Cherry, Brandy and Cayenne. You honestly can’t go wrong with these shades. They are fun and scream Happy Holidays! If you are talking about blush I love the brand NARS, it does not break me out and it lasts forever; my two favorite shades are Super Orgasm and Impassioned. Both are great shades, Super Orgasm is a much brighter pink and Impassioned is a lighter pink. As far as eye shadow goes, my two favorite brands are Lorac and Too Faced. I hope this helps!

2. What is my go to Mascara? Hands down Benefit Cosmetics, I buy it twice a year. I have been using this mascara for about two years. Another great mascara that is more budget friendly that I have bought in the past several times is the Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore Mascara. You can find it at some Walmart locations, but you can order it online at Walmart or visit Flower Beauty.

3. If you life depended on it…every day…for the rest of your life would you rather draw your eye brows on with black marker OR line your lips with pink highlighter? AWFUL lol!!! I brought this question during a play day last night with a friend of mine and her daughters. I would have to say line my lips with pink highlighter, I actually like my eye brows so the idea of having to draw them on daily makes me cringe!!! I don’t even shade my eye brows, so drawing them on they would be a hot mess and probably scary! Fun question!

4. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I have several but growing up the elves would leave new pjs on our bed. Another tradition I enjoy is my moms Christmas morning breakfast; it’s so good! I look forward to it every year. I think I might look into making a Frech Toast Strata..anyone have any good recipes to share?




I again want to thank everyone that participated in my giveaway. I wish I was able to pick more winners, but I hope you stop back to my blog again; I have some fun posts coming up!