Welcome to 2018 with New Thoughts

Welcome to the New Year! I trust that every one had a fun and safe New Years last night; I stayed in with Sophia and my mom..so it was completely laid back and casual; which is totally fine by me. If you are in the Pittsburgh area it definitely has been really cold…many of us are seeking out hibernation mode!

I have noticed many people have been anticipating 2018, my personal Facebook feed was being blown up with anxious people ready to put 2017 behind them and start over with a clean slate. Honestly speaking..


Although 2017 had some pretty amazing moments; it sure was one hell of a year for me personally. It’s was a great year of letting go and moving on when it seemed nearly impossible. It was unfair, I’ve done more crying and soul searching than I believe I ever have. It was a year that I felt foreign to myself and who I was…BUT…but through the toughest of times; I pulled through. Literally one day at a time.

When I think about where I am now versus where I was a year ago…I am a completely different person, and so much more happier. I didn’t notice how unhappy I was until I had no choice but to deal and process everything that I put on the back burner for so long. Over the last couple of years, I was so lost in myself in the worst way possible..my entire life was wrapped up in the most negative experiences that I was drowning on the inside and I couldn’t find my way out. I was merely existing to be Sophia’s mom and the hand I was dealt in my marriage. I refuse to be in that position ever again.

Even though 2017 was shit mostly; I have met some of the most amazing people in the world, received many emails from readers thanking me for opening up about my divorce and offering their advice, went to Hawaii, Sophia turned 3 & went off to pre-school..so in the moments of darkness; there was light. And that was so worth the fight for.


On a much more positive note…

I am so pleased to say that I am more than ready to move on; I have been for several months now..but to make it public is something different. I am excited to see what 2018 has in store for me in every way possible; I am no longer bitter about my divorce..I have come to terms with it over the course of the year…and so over it.

AND.SO.READY.TO.MOVE.ON…**did I mention that?**

It feels quite amazing!


I am not ready to walk down the isle, but I am more than open to dating and having fun; if it turns into something serious…then so be it. But I am anxious to have fun and just create a more positive life that I am so hungry for.

With all of this in mind; there is another concept that I am bring with me into 2018…and my gosh I hope it lasts…it’s simplifying my life. My life was pure chaos for so long that…I want to simplify it as much as possible. When I was speaking with Karen (my therapist) the other day I vented to her about looking forward to a New Year with such passion that I believe I threw in a few F bombs; because I have just had it with 2017..it felt fantastic to vent about something positive rather than negative.


Have you ever heard of Emily Ley? Well she has these planners that I just so happen to be in possession of to help simplify your life.

I started writing in some important dates to remember; I am not looking to plan out every second of my day, because I honestly can’t stand it. I like to leave room for adventure and unknown. Another aspect I like about her planners is besides showing the entire month..there is also a section for daily planning…meals…and extra notes. Then at the end of the week there is a section for “A happy memory for this week..” that is quite great, because even if you have shittiest week known to man kind…I am pretty sure you can find something positive..maybe a funny text..coffee date…just something.

Which helps with being mindful that I always trying to be, even though I have mentioned in previous posts that can be more of a chore than anything.

As 2018 begins today, I am going to try to stay as positive as I can be, still see Karen weekly or bi-weekly, have fun, create fun and interesting blog posts and be the best person and mom I can be.

So I am leaving 2017…in 2017; and creating something new for 2018!

My 2018 Goals

1. Yoga- I absolutely love Yoga, I used to practice in the past a lot, but I am determined to take a class once a week.

2. Camping- I have never gone camping before, and I am dying to try it out..now I still require a shower…

3. Summer Camps- For Sophia through her school

4. Fishing- I used to do it when I was little and I enjoyed it…so I am curious to try it out…will I still like it?

5. Beach- Beach vacation..please!

6. Homemade Ice Cream- I made the best ice cream when I was at LCB, I have the attachment on my Kitchen Aid to make it, just never used it.

7. Summer dinner/ Fire Pit- If you know me at all I love to entertain, so in the summer I want to throw a fun dinner party for close friends and end the night with a fire pit, smores and some beers.

8. LESS DRAMA!!!! I am running from it in 2018!!!! I can’t stand it…not cut out for it..

9. Blog more consistently. I was so inconsistent with blogging in 2017, I want to try to create somewhat of a schedule.

10. Be more direct…listen…most of my life I was also one to wait to share my feelings..I am not sure if it has something with me getting older, but I am finding myself being more direct than I ever have. Which is somewhat foreign to me; so I have a feeling if I like you…I will tell you..made at you…shit I am definitely going to tell you or even love you…well maybe…but you get the picture.

Everything on this list is definitely not set in stone, but bring it on 2018!!!


  1. January 2, 2018 / 9:02 pm

    Love that planner and love your goals! Hope your 2018 is beautiful.

    • itsabellalife
      January 2, 2018 / 9:56 pm

      Thank You! I am hoping for a really good year! So far it’s been really good! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back again! 🙂