One Lipstick I Will Always Repurchase

A few months back I was browsing a local Ulta to purchase some odds and ends that I have been living without. If you are anything like me lipstick is my favorite thing to shop for. I don’t wear foundation or BB Cream so I couldn’t even tell you where to start, but when it comes to lipstick or mascara..I’m your girl.


With shades of pink.

I am the absolute worst. I don’t like bubble gum pink or a pink-coral, many people can rock those shades but I simply just can’t wear them. I tend to gravitate towards a the lighter shades of pink, but I have noticed they make me looked washed out. It’s basically a lost cause.

So, when it comes to me picking out shades of pink to wear..I am always disappointed.

Until a few months ago when a Ulta employee pointed me in the direction of Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick.

Initially I was very skeptical, because if you are unfamiliar with this brand; the lipstick changes according to your body temperature and pH levels. Meaning that it won’t look the same on two different people.

Neat Huh?

I have been testing this lipstick out since August, and I absolutely love it. Now, I have gotten different shades of of pink and mauve, but it was not hot pink or purple mauve. I can’t stress enough how perfect this lipstick is; it works great for during the day or date night.

It’s the perfect day and night can’t beat that!

The shade on my lips in these photos is the result I normally get when I wear this lipstick; sometimes I get a really sheer pink, but it all depends on my body temperature and pH levels. No matter what my result is..I am never disappointed.

Let’s put it this way…if I was stranded on a deserted and had to bring one lipstick with me for an entire year…this would be the one. It goes every where I go; and if I am on a date…this is the one I wear.

You honestly can’t go wrong with it.

So, if you are anything like me and can’t pick out a shade of pink lipstick to save your life without looking dead or you put pink highlighter on your lips..

I highly…highly recommend purchasing this Lipstick Queen Frog Prince.

You’ll thank me later!

**This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.**