A Charming Little Town Along the East Coast

One of my favorite little spots along the east cost that is tucked away in the state of North Carolina is Southern Pines; I stumbled across this little town many years ago when I was working at the Pinehurst Golf Resort as a Pastry Chef intern. At that point in my life I didn’t know anyone in North Carolina, and on the rare occasion that I had a day off, I would drive around.

Luckily one wrong turn and I landed in a town that I absolutely fell in love with, and I still make it a point to go and visit every couple of years.

Who would have thought a couple years after my internship I would have moved back down close to Southern Pines for six months; this is a very nostalgic place for me. It’s a place where I fell in love for the first time in my life and it is where I said goodbye to my prior life and allowed the future my to happen.

Southern Pines will always be a place I return too and could quite possibly be the place I would run too if I ever ran away (not that I am planning on that by any means).

One of my favorite spots is 9th of September pottery studio, I have spend countless hours in that studio as a customer and as an employee. I became really close to the owner Eugenie; about eight years ago. When I was interning at Pinehurst Golf Resort I was really lonely; so the day I made the wrong turn and landed in Southern Pines is the day when a fantastic friendship started. So on my days off from the resort or after my long shifts and I needed to decompress I would sit in that studio and just…paint. When I returned home from North Carolina with a TON of pottery pieces. That I still use!

This is Eugenie(owner of 9th of September) and I from this past November. I was so excited to see her; upon my visit the last time I saw her was two years prior. We kept in touch through out the years, but I could not wait to see her again in person. The second time I moved down to North Carolina she hired me to work at her pottery studio and it was one of the most fun jobs I have ever had. We ate grilled cheeses’ from a local store; they were the BEST! She told me stories about her children, her husband and even Stevie Nicks…if you don’t know I am a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and Eugenie knew all these fun facts about her and how the group Fleetwood Mac started up. It was really cool!

I plan on sometime in the future going down to visit her for a long weekend…I think we are over due for a grilled cheese sandwiches and painting session!

There is an old train station that sits smack right in the middle of the town; it reminds me of a little town in Pittsburgh…it’s set up the same exact way. The rail road splits the town in half with stores on both sides of it…so if you’re driving you can do a loop…around and around and around..

I used to practice Yoga at this studio; I really loved it.

All the local business at Southern Pines are small business owners, each business in this area support one another. You will find some of the most authentic and charming lifestyle pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Southern Whey is probably one of my favorite little shops there, all of their cheeses are imported. They used to have one called The Eiffle Tower Cheese, that was from France and it was amazing. I would sometimes stop there on my way home from working at 9th of September pottery studio and order a variety of cheese and crackers.

Oh, this is where Eugenie and I would get our Grilled Cheeses at…

If you ever visit Southern Pines make sure you get bottled Cheerwine from Southern Whey! Another great place to visit for the ULTIMATE, BEST CREPES IN THE WORLD IS…

Betsy’s Crepes…I always ordered the Parfait Crepes…so good! I did not go there when I was in Southern Pines back in November, but the next time I go I will definitely be hitting up Betsy’s Crepes!

If you are looking for a mini weekend getaway I would highly recommend visiting Southern Pines, NC…you are able to stay at local Bed and Breakfasts or on the outskirts of Southern Pines there are hotels. I hope that I have the opportunity to return back to Southern Pines for a few days sometime this year.

But we shall see!

Eugenie if you read this and want to see the grand city of Pittsburgh, I would love to show it off to you (wink..wink).