Egg Balls the Meatless Meatball

One of my goals this year is to branch out and try different recipes whether it be a dinner recipe or a dessert; I get bored with the same old thing to eat all the time. I prefer variety when it comes to food; so branching out and trying new recipes is fun for me to do. But lets be honest, I am not opposed to homemade food from scratch at all, BUT I do enjoy a quick dinner especially on week nights. This recipe is a quick one; half of it is homemade from scratch and the other half of it you can find in isle 9 at my grocery store. It’s a win-win!

Have you ever heard of Cake Boss? Buddy Valastro? Please tell me you have, if not please google him, he makes and decorates the most beautiful cakes in the world. Basically a prodigy of cake and design. Well, his wife Lisa has a Youtube channel where she teaches you how to cook Italian food; but this one particular video she makes Egg Balls also known as The Meatless Meatball.

A meatless meatball? Really? That exists? Those were my exact thoughts when I came across her video.

Growing up we always had the “normal,”  Ground Beef meatballs with Spaghetti, but now that I am in charge of dinner I really do not cook with Ground Beef a whole lot. I am always trying to find healthier substitutions.

That does not mean we do not eat Burgers or anything, I just prefer to eat Ground Beef sparingly.

So, let me share with you the The Meatless Meatball:


12 Eggs

5 cloves Garlic, crushed

1-2 cups Pecorino Romano Cheese

1-2 cups Parmesan Cheese

1 cup Seasoned Bread Crumbs

½ cup Fresh Parsley, chopped

2-3 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbsp. Pepper

1 Tbsp. Salt


Crack your eggs and whisk them using a whisk or fork; what ever you like best (I prefer a whisk).

Add your cheese and whisk everything together until it is all incorporated.

Chop up your Fresh Parsley; add it in your egg and cheese mixture. Then using your Garlic Press, add cloves of Garlic; whisk together. Add your Olive Oil and mix.

The last step is to add your Breadcrumbs, one tablespoon at a time and mix in between adding the Breadcrumbs. Put your mixture into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes; until your mixture has thickened.

Heat your Pasta Sauce up to a light boiling stirring occasionally. I actually bought a jar Spaghetti Sauce. We had homemade sauce a week prior to me making the meatless meatball, but we didn’t have any left overs. So I cheated and bought a decent  Spaghetti Sauce.

Make sure you have Olive Oil on your hands really well; ever so gently roll your balls and add it to your Spaghetti Sauce. Your balls will expand when they cook so make sure you do not pack them into your pan. Cover and cook them for ten minutes, then gently turn them over for another ten minutes covered.

I served mine with steamed Broccoli and fresh Italian Bread. You can however serve with a Spaghetti dinner in replace of a “normal,” meatball.

My entire family loved them, so this will definitely be a quick dinner I will keep in my recipes.

My Notes

  1. Do not over stuff your pot with the Egg Balls. I did..even though I watched the video about a million times before making them, I did over stuff my pot. My suggestions is if you are making them all, add sauce to two different size pots and cook them in two pots rather than just one. I might make things a little easier.
  2. I personally would add half of the salt, I found with my store bought Spaghetti Sauce and the amount of Salt added to the Egg Balls, it was a little too salty for my liking, but I am really sensitive to salt. I typically do no add it a lot when I am cooking, because everyone prefers different amounts of Salt on their food.


If you make these Meatless Meatballs, please let me know what you think and how you served them.