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Are you from the Northern regions and dreaming of warmer days ahead like me? I feel as if Pittsburgh has been experience winter for months and months now; the farmers almanac predicted a mild winter. I do not believe that they were quite accurate on that prediction. I mean, compared to other states in the U.S. I know they have winters that make Pittsburgh look like we have only been experiencing flurries. Except last year we had a very, very mild I believe that is what was anticipating for our winter. We certainly didn’t play copy cat to last years winter.

Sort of disappointing in a way. Typically I enjoy the winters, but this year it has been insanely long. Aside from January feeling as if it was an entire year long; my skin has been ultra dryer that normal. I’m like a damn lizard; and it’s not very appealing and it’s very annoying. Especially around my chin area, I have been experiencing dry, red skin. And itchy!

But I am dreaming of warmer days in the sunshine with Sophia, I am excited to grow Vegetables and Herbs, bon-fires, grilling (I LOVE to grill), and I am thinking about starting a little Rose Garden on the side of the house. Along with many other flowers of course.

If you have any advice on Rose Gardens please feel free to comment or email me.

Now onto Links:

Are you a blog reader like me? I was recently was contacted by Elle owner of LaBeaute blog and during the course of several emails back and forth; I started snooping around her blog. And let me tell you…’s amazing! Elle’s Inspiration section of her blog is very informative and definitely inspiring to say the least. If you need a little encouragement in your life look no further.. please check it out here. Elle’s blog is very diverse, if you are looking for a new Lifestyle blog to add to your life for fresh and inspiring posts check out LaBeaute, you will not regret it. I read it every day!

Ps: Elle thank you for getting in contact with me, we should work again together in the future! 🙂

This is the cutest frame to give a loved one for Valentines Day! I actually have one of Sophia and I on my dresser.

Sophia loves when I make her waffles for breakfast with this makes the perfect size waffles! These waffles freeze perfectly with parchment paper in between them, and when you reheat them; they put Eggo Waffles to shame. The scent is amazing.

I use this Waffle Mix, this is the best ever!

My favorite Essie White nail polish in Marshmallow.


* Ps: I hope every one has a fantastic weekend. I have a really bad pinched nerve that runs from my left shoulder blade to my neck; I can barely move. How did I do this? I was shampooing my hair last night, and I turned my head to the left…and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain just shoot into my neck. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well last night, I couldn’t get comfortable. I think it’s all stress related, because when parts of my life become stressful I either break out in hives or I get pinched nerves easily. It just stinks to say the least. *


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