First and foremost I want to wish every one a Happy Valentines Day!! I personally do not have any special plans today, this is actually this is my first Valentines Day single in a long time, and I am totally ok with it. When I am in a relationship with someone I love to go on dates with them…for me it does not matter how long I am with them; it is important to still date them. Even if you have been together for 4 years or married for 15 still date your partner.

I think it helps you still stay connected to the other person, because we all get busy whether it be with work, traveling, children etc….no matter what we should still make intimate time for our significant other.

I was reading a blog a few years back when I was married about a woman that created the popsicle stick date night idea. You write down different “At-home,” date night ideas and “Date Night Out,” ideas on a popsicle stick, place it in a jar and then when you decide to do a date night your randomly pick a popsicle stick out of the jar. And you do whatever the popsicle stick says.

Neat huh?

Wouldn’t this a neat gift to give someone on Valentines Day that could last all year long? I think so. If you are struggling what to get someone for Valentines Day besides flowers, try this! You most likely have all the supplies in your house, especially if you have children!

I used Sophia’s markers late last night!

If I was with someone today I would totally be making them dinner tonight, this date night DIY alone with probably a movie night. You wouldn’t find me going out to eat especially on Valentines Day, I’ve worked in the kitchens long simply avoid restaurants especially on Valentines Day.

My at home date night ideas:

Homemade Pizza Night

Build Something Together

Netflix Night

Fondue Night

Ice Cream Sundaes

Back Massages

Play Board Game

Video Games with Beer

Plan a Vacation

Plan a Weekend Getaway

My Date Night Out Ideas 

Farmers Markets

Spa Day


Local Festival

Go on a Hike

Ghost Tour

Drive Anywhere with Snacks/ No GPS

Rent a Boat

Explore a New Town


What I love most about this DIY is the fact is that you can customize it all yourself. It’s a combination of you and your partner so no matter what you choose; you will have fun dating each other all throughout the year.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!