My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

On most days I am running around with Sophia taking her to school, play dates, library trips, museums; or just running errands that never seem to end. Most days you will find me wearing not make up at all, especially if I am only staying around the house. I always found it senseless to wear make-up to run the sweeper or to endless amounts of dishes.

Except there are those days when I want to look more human-like and less than something that could be casted on The Walking Dead show…this is when I do my quick makeup look.

I must mention that I do not wear foundation or BB Cream, I have really sensitive skin and everything makes me break out; so I have not come across one that I can wear. To be quite honest I am kind of intimidated by it.

So if you have any recommendations please feel free to share!

  1. Nars Liquid Blush in Luster– I am fairly new to liquid blushes, but I have been a fan of Nars powder blush for several years and I have never broke out by wearing it. This liquid blush is absolutely beautiful, and natural looking but the best part is it can be built to be a more of a bolder cheek if that is what you are going for.
  2. Kat Von D Concealer Creme in Warm M17– This is by far my favorite concealer in the world, and a little goes a long way. If I don’t sleep well or I am really stressed, my dark circles pop out. When I use this concealer it makes me look like I slept 15 hours and it doesn’t crease!
  3. Benefit Roller Lash in Black– This is by far my favorite mascara and it has been for about two years now. I have tried other brands but I am never satisfied with it as much as I am with this one. I naturally have black, long and thick eye lashes so I have found most mascaras weight my lashes down. Benefit Roller Lash uplifts my eye lashes and does not weight them down, it’s basically a bra for your eyelashes. Gets those babies right where you want them.
  4. Hourglass Flash Highlighting Stick in Champagne– I really enjoy a highlighter on the cheekbone area, for me it really wakes my skin up. I am picky about highlighters, I do not want to look like I rolled my cheeks in glitter, but I do love a slight dewy skin look. Hourglass highlighter does the trick, a little goes a long way and it doesn’t make me look greasy either. It adds just enough dewiness to my skin that makes it natural looking.
  5. Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow in 715 (Chocolate), 720 (Espresso), 705 (Creme Brûlée)– I have been wearing these creme eyeshadows since last summer, and they are fantastic. They are easy to apply, easy to blend and you can definitely build it up to be more bold. Most days I do a quick swipe of the 715 in Chocolate on my eyelid and call it a day. It has enough shimmer and color to add some dimension on your eyes, which I find to be perfect for the day time.
  6. Rosebud Salve– I love love love this stuff, I wear it all year long and it’s been a staple part of my beauty routine for 10 years! It moisturizes my lips and adds a light tint of pink. I believe it helps emphases my natural lip color. This is a must have; you can’t go wrong with it!

When it comes to make-up I prefer a natural look over a bold look, you can say that I am not that adventurous with my make-up at all. As I mentioned before my skin is really sensitive, so I have the tendency of wearing light make-up so I can let my skin breath.