Road to Recovery



The thing about being under the weather is that everything on your “to do” list never gets done.

My “to do” list seems to be ultra long this coming week, because I have given it zero attention this past week.

Sophia started last week when she woke up one morning with a cold. I initially thought it was her teeth causing her to feel under the weather, but that was not the case.  My mom told me that when I was a toddler teething I would get sinus infections just about every time I was about to cut a tooth, and I unfortunately I think this is where Sophia gets it from. Usually when this happens it only lasts for a few days..well tomorrow is Mothers Day and she is still suffering from a runny nose. On the bright side if have not affected her personality by any means.

THEN by Tuesday I was walking around like a zombie with kleenex stuffed in every pocket, waist band and even the insides of my bra straps (TMI maybe..) pulled up in the ‘messiest’ bun known to man kind…trying to run after a toddler that gets into everything. I think being sick with kids is the absolute worst, I believe I would rather be back in my cubicle taking medical orders and working on oxygen equipment than running after a toddler with never ending energy! Can anyone relate?

Anyways so by Thursday was I starting to feel a bit more human like, until late in the evening around 7pm I scratched the left side of my face near my jaw and felt what I thought was a welt. And boy was I wrong. Instantly after scratching I got a ton bumps all along the side of my jaw. I initially though it was an allergic reaction to seasonal allergies such as pollen. The following day so called “bumps,” were still there, so I decided to go to a local Med Express and find out that I have poison ivy. I am not much of a nature explorer or an outdoorsy kind of gal especially when being sick, but I still managed to get something that some kid was probably rolling around in and did not get, but hibernating in my house all week..I get. As if I was not miserable enough…

Friday after the doctors I went to our local mall to bypass some time while waiting for my prescription of steroids to be filled; is when I came across this book Home Remedies  by Katie Peters. I personally am not one for medications I try to avoid them as much as possible. I love home remedies so when I found this in the 50% of bin and it being something that I could have used days ago I knew it would be coming home with me.

My favorite home remedies are as followed:

  1. If you have a cold, before going to bed put vix on the bottom of your feet with a pair of socks I swear you feel better in the morning.
  2. For a sore throat or when your nose is on fire, swallow a tablespoon of honey it is amazing how well it soothes your throat or your burning nose.
  3. Boil Vix! When sick with a cold, do not pass this up! Works wonders at night!


Any home remedies? Please share!