Sunday Funday Essie Polish


I love Essie nail polish! It is definitely my go to polish. I recently bought the shade Sunday Funday at Target. It is a beautiful salmon color that has specks of gold glitter all through it, but not overpowering. Just gives it a little something extra.


If you are looking for a summer salmon color Essie’s Sunday Sunday is the way to go. It’s not too pink but definitely not to orange. The only other brand that carries a similar shade is OPI- I Eat Mainly Lobster. They are both very similar, but the OPI color doesn’t have the gold specks of glitter in it.


I always finish an at-home manicure with the Seche Vite Quick Drying Top Coat. I usually do two coats but one coat is just fine as well. It gives a nice gel-like finish without having to get your nails done professionally every week.

Have you ever tried the Essie Sunday Sunday polish or the OPI I Eat Mainly Lobster?

Missy’s Pumpkin Bread


About a year ago I was searching for a really good Pumpkin Bread, and I came across this recipe made by ‘youtuber’ Missy Lanning. I made it and ever since then it has landed in my recipe box. Two weeks ago I had a huge craving for something Pumpkin and considering it wasn’t that wonderful time of year for “everything pumpkin,” I instantly ran to my recipes and pulled out Missy’s Pumpkin Bread.



3.5 C. Flour                                               4 Whole Eggs

3 C. Sugar                                                  2/3 C. Water

1.5 tsp. Salt                                               16 oz. Pumpkin Puree

2 tsp. Baking Soda                                 1 C. Vegetable Oil

1/2 tsp. All Spice

2 tsp. Nutmeg

2 tsp. Cinnamon

Directions:                                                    Yield: 2 Pumpkin Loaves

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all dry ingredients together in one bowl. Then in another bowl or your kitchen aid, mix all of your wet ingredients together. Make sure your wet ingredients are all incorporated. Add your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients and mix well (tip: add a little bit of your dry ingredients gradually..helps with flour from going everywhere). Once everything is all mixed together add pumpkin batter to greased and floured bread pans. Make sure to have both pans evenly filled. Bake for 45-60 minutes.


All of my dry ingredients all together. I used to small whisk to mix everything together.


All of my wet ingredients mixed together. Make sure you put your mixer on low speed to get everything incorporated first.Less of a mess and you won’t be wearing half of it either!


When adding your flour I always pulse my kitchen because I feel even on the lowest setting flour goes everything. The thicker the batter becomes the higher speed can be.


Everything is all ready to go…



Someone decided to take a taste for herself in the middle of me taking photos.


Ready for baking…


Baked to perfection!


I love to eat it warmed and with a little bit of butter.

If you happen to try this recipe please let me know or send me your photos in instragram or twitter at Sarah_BellaLife. I would love to see your results!






Weekend Shenanigans

We had a very laid back weekend. I am not complaining by any means because during the week it’s usually pure craziness. Sophia attended her first house warming party and the rest of the weekend was hanging out by the poolside. My kind of summer days!


On our way to my friend Emily & Gary’s house warming party! I was thankful Sophia fell asleep on the way out! She needed it.


Just a little damsel in distress.


I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it! I actually bought it at Sams Club for like 10 dollars! I think I would wear it, if it came in my size.


Poolside fun!



Sophia & her dada (Adrian)


Has anyone hit up Old Navy’s sale this weekend? I did! I bought 4 new tops for the summer…something breezy…and comfortable. I have a funny suspicion that I will be outside a lot. So I am all about comfort.

Here is one type of tank top I bought. I love the way it feels and it’s super comfortable! Unfortunately I was unable to find the other tops I bought.

Please stay tuned for this weeks posts!



Links & Loves & Thoughts


I believe I am going to be designating Fridays to Link & Loves & Thoughts posts, because it will wrap up the entire work week and welcome in the weekend. Which is always a pleasant thought. The flower in the picture is a Zinnia, they are one of my favorite flowers to plant in the summer. I love all of the different colors they come in. I love a colorful garden so these Zinnia’s are perfect. Another flower I love in a summer garden that add a pop of color are Gerbera Daisys & also Hydrangeas are amazing as well. As you can see I can just keep naming flowers that I love.

Do you have any summer favorites?

Now, onto Links……

How many of you enjoy Iced Coffee? I have to admit it is actually one of my favorite ways to drink coffee. I will finish cold coffee faster rather than hot. Weird..right? Anyone else like that? When I was down at the strip in Pittsburgh a little over a month ago I stopped in this store called Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange. It was awesome! Anyways I came across Torani Vanilla Bean Syrup and had to buy it. I am dying to make an at home cold coffee drink, not using a coffee maker or any kind of machine. Catch my drift? Here is Torani’s website you can order online!!! It’s quite impressive!

I want these earrings!! They are so beautiful. And you can wear them all year around…perfect for a date night!

I looooove these!!! I want to be at the beach so badly!



This is one of my favorite nail polishes from the OPI Hello Kitty Line. I love the Charmmy & Sugar it’s so pretty! Have you tried it?


Here is my first Links & Loves & Thoughts post just in case you missed it.

Happy Friday Everyone!! 



Coconut Cove Nails



The other day when I took Sophia to the pediatrician the nurse had these awesome white nails. I loved them and kept staring at them. So I  bought the Essie Coconut Cove white nail polish. It’s a beautiful white that has a eggshell and creamy undertone to it. Ahhh gorgeous.

I have heard horror stories about applying white nail polish. Which definitely made me a little apprehensive about painting my nails. It was not something I wanted to do with my toddler running around or feel rushed. So, I figured I would bite the bullet and give white nails a whirl.

I started off with an at home manicure. Then at 11pm one night I painted them. The entire house was quiet and I prayed to god Sophia wouldn’t wake up in the middle of painting. My first initial reaction was “oh my god I am going to hate the way these turn out…they’re streaky, and uneven,” but I took my time and applied my first coat. Still not convinced, but waited 5 minutes before applying the second coat. By the time I was done applying my second coat I more happy about the results.

After 10 minutes of drying time I applied Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Angels started singing… and I became one happy mama. Seiche Vite top coat is my ultimate top coat in the world. It gives you that gel like finish and amazing anti-chip protection. So I highly recommend using Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to any at-home-manicures.



I was very please with how my nails turned out. I have am funny feeling that I am going to wear this nail color all summer…I’m obsessed. I want to gift this color to someone. So in the near future I may have to do a giveaway.

What is your favorite Essie summer nail color? Or do you have any tips for painting white nails?








I Couldn’t Resist..


I am in love plain & simple. I caved yesterday on my way home from running errands at Target and a few other places.  I didn’t have any intention of purchasing a Starbucks drink especially since I am watching my calorie intake, but I couldn’t resist. So I whipped out my good ole’ Starbucks gift card and purchased my first ever Caramel Espresso Granita.

Let me put it to you like this…stop whatever you’re doingfind the closest Starbucks and buy one of these bad boys. This drink you will find that it is refreshing, smooth, and easy to drink. I have a Starbucks about two minutes up the street from where I live and I wasn’t sure this was going to make it home. The espresso is rich tasting but definitely not overpowering, the caramel gives it a underlying sweet taste but not too sweet. It balances each other out quite perfectly.

If you are going to compare this drink to a Caramel Macchiato I didn’t feel deprived by any means. I was completely satisfied. My only complaint is I wish it was going to be on their Starbucks menu permanently.

Are you curious about the nutrition facts on the Caramel Expresso Granita check it out. I believe you will be quite satisfied, I mean it’s not like drinking water with lemon..but hey it’s Starbucks.

Have you have tried one of their newest drinks on their menu?



Links & Loves & Thoughts


Sophia is a total nature girl, she LOVES everything about being outside. She gets that from Adrian. I on the other hand if they build a Hilton in the middle of the woods I would so go camping. That could be because I have never been camping. But I love this photo of Sophia..I love the fact that her personality is exploding. I love the fact that she loves being outside and exploring…and I love that she loves to help. She loves to help set the table for dinner..she loves to help water the garden…she loves to play…and she loves hugs & kisses. I love the fact that I am proud to call her my daughter & I am blessed to be able to be a stay – at- home mom.

Now onto the Links:

I am obsessed with these Mason Jars from The Mason Bar Company. They are awesome. The leather cuff is sold separately.


I love these pens! They are so awesome to write with, I used to use the black ones when I worked as  CSR for medical equipment. And I love how they don’t bleed through the other pages of your notebook. Who doesn’t like an awesome pen!

I came across this new blog called Sally’s Baking Addiction. I love adding new blogs to my list. I love reading blogs!! Comment me your blog!

I don’t drink a lot of Starbucks, it’s not that I don’t like it. I just don’t like drinking all of those calories. But I am very temped to try their Starbucks’ New Granitas. Looks so good! If you try them let me know which one you try…and your thoughts of course.

If you are looking for a great mascara that is not really expensive. You can find it at different Walmart locations or Walmart Website. It’s the Drew Barrymore mascara. That is my go to mascara, what is most awesome about this mascara you can change the type of brush you want by twisting the top of the mascara wand. There are 3 settings Volumizing, Curling and Lengthening it’s awesome!


I love Valerie Bertinelli cooking show, she is so cute! And personable. A few months ago I came across these Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies that Valerie Bertinelli made on her show. They are amazing we couldn’t keep our hands off of them. I think I may do a blog post on these in the future. Try em’!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!