I have been wanting to do a “currently,” post for quite sometime. I think they are can be sort of entertaining. It gives you a mental visual of what the person is doing…thinking..feeling all at the same time. It’s an very easy read. So enjoy!

1. Listening-  hmm Pandora.. Where Do You Go by La Bouche. Sometimes they play the most interesting songs. Definitely 90’s.

2. Eating- Raw Honey by the spoonfuls…just an fyi it helps with those annoying coughing spells.

3. Drinking- Water, but craving a Cherry Icee.

4. Wearing- Navy Blue capri and an aqua colored tank top…stylish..I know.

5. Feeling- Sort of wired. I have not yet calmed down from todays errands, we did errands 4 1/2 hours.

6. Weather- omg sticky…muggy…gross. ugh. The worst part about spring and summer. When I lived down in North Carolina a couple of years ago it would get so muggy out that my front door would be soaking wet with condensation. It was crazy.

7. Wanting- A tan..especially on my legs.

8. Needing-  A massage…I am dying to make an appointment at my spa but I keep forgetting.  Once you have a baby nothing is ever the same, but totally worth it.

9. Thinking- It’s 11:13 pm I have laundry in the wash…Sophia is sleeping..Adrian is in Virginia…Jimmy is sleeping…how much I love Neil Diamonds voice (well it’s alright..because we have all night to set the world right…NAME THAT TUNE). Do you ever hear a song and it reminds you of your childhood? There is a bunch, but there is one that stands out What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by Jimmy Ruffin. I grew up on the oldies. They are my favorite….they don’t make music like that anymore. And yes I am only 28.

10. Enjoying-  How calm the house is.

Please stay tuned for future posts coming up the week! We have a variety coming!

Anyone that stops by..leave a comment where you are from.