Links & Loves & Thoughts


I believe I am going to be designating Fridays to Link & Loves & Thoughts posts, because it will wrap up the entire work week and welcome in the weekend. Which is always a pleasant thought. The flower in the picture is a Zinnia, they are one of my favorite flowers to plant in the summer. I love all of the different colors they come in. I love a colorful garden so these Zinnia’s are perfect. Another flower I love in a summer garden that add a pop of color are Gerbera Daisys & also Hydrangeas are amazing as well. As you can see I can just keep naming flowers that I love.

Do you have any summer favorites?

Now, onto Links……

How many of you enjoy Iced Coffee? I have to admit it is actually one of my favorite ways to drink coffee. I will finish cold coffee faster rather than hot. Weird..right? Anyone else like that? When I was down at the strip in Pittsburgh a little over a month ago I stopped in this store called Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange. It was awesome! Anyways I came across Torani Vanilla Bean Syrup and had to buy it. I am dying to make an at home cold coffee drink, not using a coffee maker or any kind of machine. Catch my drift? Here is Torani’s website you can order online!!! It’s quite impressive!

I want these earrings!! They are so beautiful. And you can wear them all year around…perfect for a date night!

I looooove these!!! I want to be at the beach so badly!



This is one of my favorite nail polishes from the OPI Hello Kitty Line. I love the Charmmy & Sugar it’s so pretty! Have you tried it?


Here is my first Links & Loves & Thoughts post just in case you missed it.

Happy Friday Everyone!!