Links & Loves & Thoughts

The other day Sophia had a playdate with my friend Michelle and her kids. We took them to this children center called Seabase…it..was..amazing! It will definitely be a great “go to” place in the winter. They had everything from an inside train ride, laszer tag, arcade and much more. Sophia really clung to Michelle’s son Ryan, he was like the “big brother,” he was so helpful and patient! I was absolutely grateful! Ryan is such a gentleman at the age 5!

I love the I have the ability to add videos if I wanted to on my blog posts. I may have to do that, but to be quite honest I would rather be behind the camera instead of in front. I am more comfortable that way, but social media these days is temping me to try to at least be in front of the camera. Ahh…thinking about it makes me nervous!

Anyone have any good tips?

Now onto links:

Need a new baking book? Look no further! Sweetapolita bake book is so beautiful! I can’t wait to bake! The possibilities are endless!

I bought this new Alex & Ani bracelet the other day, I love wearing it! This bracelet was my inspiration for my Unicorn Ice Cream

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What were your favorite  links this week? I would love to see! If you feel like sharing comment them below or send me the link on twitter!

I hope you have fantastic weekend! Stay in touch!