A Quick Lunch


I love cooking, especially for Sophia. She recently just turned two years and has quite the pallet. It’s not anything for her to eat Italian Olives as if they were candy.

Being a mom of a toddler that is here, there and everywhere within seconds makes it more challenging to cook food that takes a little longer to prepare. There are some days that we will eat grapes, cheese and crackers for lunch.

Whatever is fastest and easiest.

What about when you want to add some vegetables to lunch? I got just the answer!

A few weeks ago we had some left over rice and mixed vegetables from the previous dinner. My mom suggested that I throw it all in a frying pan with a little bit of butter; season it with salt and pepper. Then throw an egg in, and call it lunch.

That’s exactly what I did. And we love it!

It’s to quick and good for me not to share with you!

What You Need:

1 pkg. of Frozen Rice (whatever brand you like)

1 pkg. of Frozen Vegetables (whatever brand you like)

1  TBSP of Butter (salted)

1/2  Vegetable Oil

2 whole eggs

Salt & Pepper to taste

What To Do:

  1. For the frozen items follow their microwaveable instructions on the back of their bags.
  2. Once your rice and mixed vegetables are done. Get your frying pan hot. Place your oil and butter in the frying pan. Don’t burn the butter. If the butter and oil spit at you, turn down the heat.
  3. Throw your rice and mixed vegetables into the frying pan. Stir quite frequently for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Prepare your eggs; like how you would if you were making scrambled eggs. Then pour egg mixture over top of the vegetables. And stir.
  5. Once your eggs are cooked; add some salt and pepper.

And Enjoy!

*Please Note: You can use sesame oil in replace of vegetable oil. Also I only use 1/2 bag of the rice and vegetables when I make it for Sophia and I. This recipe also makes great leftovers!*

Do you have any quick lunch ideas to share?



Our Daytona, Florida Trip


Sophia and I recently came back from week long vacation in Daytona, Florida. This is my first time back to Florida in about ten years and Sophia’s first time. Except this isn’t her first time to the beach, we took her last year to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina about a week before she turned a year old.

Sophia fortunately traveled very well going down to Florida. She was very captivated by all the planes and the people that flooded the airports, that she was hardly bored.

I was so grateful.


This is Sophia on Sunday morning the day after we arrived. I often wonder what was running through her mind looking out (btw there was someone standing to the right of her and I was behind her, she was not on the balcony by herself).


Our first full day at the beach was an absolute blast. Sophia is like a fish. Seriously. She ran into the water as if she lives at the beach. I was in absolute shock. Last year she was the same exact way, but I was a little skeptical due to the fact that she is a year older and more aware of her surroundings. The waves or the salt water in her eyes did not phase her in the slightest.

I believe I am a bigger baby than she is when it comes to salt water in your eyes. She brushed it off like it was no big deal.

Everyday down on the beach there were two food trucks, the one sold ice cream and the other sold items like Cheeseburgers, French Fries etc. Sophia became hooked on French Fries and Cheese with Ketchup. You had to have Ketchup on them!

The one time I forgot the Ketchup and she ate her Pappy’s French Fries. So I ended up giving mine to my brother.


The one day it did nothing but rain and rain and rain! All day!

But Sophia and I did sneak down to the beach for about fifteen minutes before it started to pour. I personally would have never went down to the beach but Sophia kept chanting “Pool..Pool.” Meaning mom take me down to the beach so I can play. Once it started to rain really hard to the point were it was stinging your all over your body, we bolted back to the resort.

“We bolted,” meaning “I bolted,” I was carrying Sophia in my arms, along with all of our beach towels and beach toys. With the wind blowing around 40 mph.

THEN you have to use your room key to unlock the gate to enter the pool area. Mine was buried in soaked beach bag under all the beach towels and toys.

Thankfully, someone opened the gate up from the other side for us.


Meet Spiceman! That’s his nick name of course, his real name is John. He has a couple different positions at the resort one is making these sand art plaques for the resort guests and the other is playing in his band locally.


He even showed Sophia how to clean the sand sculptures!


“I belive I can fly….”


img_4815In her Bubba Gump shoes! We got caught in the rain!

img_4780 img_4784





We decided to visit St. Augustine one afternoon. It is one of my favorite places to visit in Florida. If you have never been there before I highly recommend it! It sort of reminds me of New Orleans in a way. There is tons of history, shopping and restaurants. It can be sort of romantic.

img_20160915_171555Sophia and I at the San Sebastian Wine Tour. My eyes are glowing and she has no shoes on, but I still love this photo.

If you are in St. Augustine before you go to the actual city, stop at the San Sebastian Winery and do a free wine tour. Their wine is amazing! It’s FREE and they can ship wine to your house for you! How convenient!


Meet Tequila! Isn’t he beautiful! He reminds me of my very first dog Bimbo also known as Mr. Bim.


Sophia is always making friends with animals. If I could chose her profession in the future I would have to say a veterinarian. She just has a natural deep love for animals.



The oldest wooden school house in the U.S.A in St. Augustine, Florida. Who knew!


The last day at the beach! Sophia with her Pappy.


Sophia and Nana! She is such a Nana’s girl!


Sophia is fearless! She walks out there like she has lived at the beach her entire life.

My goal is to get her to the beach once a year, because it makes me happy to watch her enjoy herself at the beach. I hope she always does.

I personally really loved going to the beach in September, especially if you know it is going to be hot… like Florida. Going to the beach in September is a great way to wrap up the entire summer and to look for to fall.

Do you have any trips coming up? Where did you go this summer?



Alphabet Favorites


Hi blogger family!

I have been gone for quite sometime…almost two weeks! I hope you enjoyed the posts I scheduled while I was on vacation, I just had to share with you some of the DIY’s I did for Sophia’s 2nd Birthday Party. Just in case you or someone you know needed some ideas!

After vacation, Sophia and I came down with a cold and sore throat flu combination along with fevers. It was awful.

So, literally for five days straight all we did was sleep, drink tea and eat.

I thought to get back into the swing of things I would do a:

Extra Extra

(Get to know me more favorites)

Author- Edgar Allan Poe 

Birthday- May 23, 1988

Candy- Anything with Chocolate, Caramel and Nuts or Dark Chocolate and Raspberry 

Dislikes- Dark (afraid of the dark), People that don’t have manners or feel entitled, bugs.

Essential Item- Deodorant

Flower- Orchid

Gold or Silver- Both…but if I had to really pick..Silver (I think)

Hues- Champagne, Cream, Beige, Pink, Gold.

Ice Cream- Cherry Garcia or Vanilla

January or July- July (my moms 4th of July party)

Kids- I have one, but would like to have at least one more.

Lemon or Lime- Lemon

Magazine- Any cooking or baking magazine

Need- A facial or a massage

Orange or Apple- Apple

Place to Shop- Mall

Quote- I actually don’t have a favorite quote

Restaurant- Longhorn Steak House (best Salmon ever)

Singer/Band- Fleetwood Mac

T.V. Show- This one is really HARD! The Walking Dead & How to Get Away with Murder

Unique Interests- Old Postcards that are written on from the late 1800’s and on. I think the oldest I ever found was 1890.

Vanilla or Chocolate- Vanilla

Walmart or Target- Target

Extra Credit (You Decide)- I am so ready for this election year to be over with. It feels as if it has been the longest Presidential race ever!

Yogurt Shop- I don’t have one

Zoo Animal- Polar Bears


Please stay tuned for future posts! I have some really awesome ideas coming up for October!

Share with me either what you did recently or a few letter favorites!

We hope to hear from you!




DIY Birthday Board!

Last year when Sophia was turning one I loved the birthday chalk boards that swamped my Pinterest page. The thought of ordering one was really tempting and convenient, but knowing that I could make one for about twelve dollars was even more appealing.

Plus making it yourself gives it more personal touch, and you can design it anyway you like.

What You’ll Need:

Black Foam Board

Crayola Metallic Markers





I always do an outline before I start using the markers, one section at a time. So any misspelled words can be erased.


I have the tendency of start with the top section first. I just find that easier to get everything properly aligned.

img_4562Then I work my way down the middle and the sides are my last part.

img_4605This is the finished product!

I enjoy seeing what a one year difference can make!

Have you ever made one?

The Best Party Punch


Need a punch? Ha! I had to say it!

I going to share with you a super easy, non-alcoholic punch recipe that will suite any type of occasion. Growing up this was a common drink at any party, very popular among the children and even the adults.

If you serve this Party Punch I am pretty sure that it will outshine any of your other beverages.

What You Need:

Punch Bowl

1 Container of Rainbow Sherbet

1 Gallon of Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Liter bottles of Cherry 7Up


What To Do:

  1. In a clean punch bowl add some ice
  2. Add all your Rainbow Sherbet, Vanilla Ice Cream
  3. Add your Cherry 7Up
  4. And Enjoy!

I really hope you make this punch for your next party, you will not be disappointed.

Let me know what you think if you do decide to make it.

Or if you have a punch recipe that you like please share! I enjoy trying new recipes.




A Time Out!



This coming week is going to be light on the blog posts, but I do have some scheduled DIY’s. In the next coming weeks I have some really awesome posts which I am totally excited about. Please stay tuned for those!

I will be spending a week down in Daytona, Florida with my family, which I am absolutely psyched about.

I can’t wait to see how Sophia reacts to the beach this year. Last year she was a little fish in the water. She loved it! So, hopefully this year is the same.

We are staying at a resort in Daytona, Florida. I know we plan on going to St. Augustine for some shopping, dinner, and ghost tour. That’s the plan as of now.

Any recommendations on things to do in Daytona, Florida that is toddler friendly?

I am excited about a mini detox from social media this week. I will post some on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat every so often. You can follow me at Sarah_BellaLife

I hope everyone has a safe & fun weekend!!

*This post was all over the place, I am so beyond ready for this vacation*


Links & Loves & Thoughts

img_0202I love nothing more than coming across old photos. A few months before I had Sophia Adrian bought me a new digital camera for my birthday. I remember specially asking for a small one that I could fit into my diaper bag. The funny thing is, I vaguely remember Adrian taking a ton of photos and some video footage while I was in labor. My facial expression suggest otherwise in the videos.

For the longest time I thought I lost that camera which I was totally bummed about. Then to my surprise I found it in my one drawer all the way in the back. I was so happy I could have cried…well I actually did….watching the videos and newborn photos of Sophia.

It was so wonderful.

**By the way the year in the photo is wrong…it is supposed to say 2014**

Now onto links:

I love this cuff bracelet from Bauble Bar website! This would be fun accessory for the fall!

Do you wear chokers? I used to many moons ago when I was younger, but to be honest I am not sure if I can pull it off. If I were to start wearing them again I found the most perfect one. This choker is off of Bauble Bar website! I just love their stuff! I think this choker is delicate enough to get back into the groove of of wearing chokers. Without feeling “weird,” about it.

Need a really good dog boarding place for an upcoming vacation? I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow. Jimmy has been a member of Camp Bow Wow for quite sometime now. He loves it and I love it even more…I think. I love that you have the capability to see what he is doing any time of day from off of your smart phone, computer or tablet. No matter where you are at. You can send your dog to full day camps or half day camps which is really nice especially if you’re not going to be home all day. There are just so many great benefits that Camp Bow Wow has to offer. It is definitely worth looking into for your fur babies

What are you up to this weekend?