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img_0202I love nothing more than coming across old photos. A few months before I had Sophia Adrian bought me a new digital camera for my birthday. I remember specially asking for a small one that I could fit into my diaper bag. The funny thing is, I vaguely remember Adrian taking a ton of photos and some video footage while I was in labor. My facial expression suggest otherwise in the videos.

For the longest time I thought I lost that camera which I was totally bummed about. Then to my surprise I found it in my one drawer all the way in the back. I was so happy I could have cried…well I actually did….watching the videos and newborn photos of Sophia.

It was so wonderful.

**By the way the year in the photo is wrong…it is supposed to say 2014**

Now onto links:

I love this cuff bracelet from Bauble Bar website! This would be fun accessory for the fall!

Do you wear chokers? I used to many moons ago when I was younger, but to be honest I am not sure if I can pull it off. If I were to start wearing them again I found the most perfect one. This choker is off of Bauble Bar website! I just love their stuff! I think this choker is delicate enough to get back into the groove of of wearing chokers. Without feeling “weird,” about it.

Need a really good dog boarding place for an upcoming vacation? I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow. Jimmy has been a member of Camp Bow Wow for quite sometime now. He loves it and I love it even more…I think. I love that you have the capability to see what he is doing any time of day from off of your smart phone, computer or tablet. No matter where you are at. You can send your dog to full day camps or half day camps which is really nice especially if you’re not going to be home all day. There are just so many great benefits that Camp Bow Wow has to offer. It is definitely worth looking into for your fur babies

What are you up to this weekend?