Hi blogger family!

I have been gone for quite sometime…almost two weeks! I hope you enjoyed the posts I scheduled while I was on vacation, I just had to share with you some of the DIY’s I did for Sophia’s 2nd Birthday Party. Just in case you or someone you know needed some ideas!

After vacation, Sophia and I came down with a cold and sore throat flu combination along with fevers. It was awful.

So, literally for five days straight all we did was sleep, drink tea and eat.

I thought to get back into the swing of things I would do a:

Extra Extra

(Get to know me more favorites)

Author- Edgar Allan Poe 

Birthday- May 23, 1988

Candy- Anything with Chocolate, Caramel and Nuts or Dark Chocolate and Raspberry 

Dislikes- Dark (afraid of the dark), People that don’t have manners or feel entitled, bugs.

Essential Item- Deodorant

Flower- Orchid

Gold or Silver- Both…but if I had to really pick..Silver (I think)

Hues- Champagne, Cream, Beige, Pink, Gold.

Ice Cream- Cherry Garcia or Vanilla

January or July- July (my moms 4th of July party)

Kids- I have one, but would like to have at least one more.

Lemon or Lime- Lemon

Magazine- Any cooking or baking magazine

Need- A facial or a massage

Orange or Apple- Apple

Place to Shop- Mall

Quote- I actually don’t have a favorite quote

Restaurant- Longhorn Steak House (best Salmon ever)

Singer/Band- Fleetwood Mac

T.V. Show- This one is really HARD! The Walking Dead & How to Get Away with Murder

Unique Interests- Old Postcards that are written on from the late 1800’s and on. I think the oldest I ever found was 1890.

Vanilla or Chocolate- Vanilla

Walmart or Target- Target

Extra Credit (You Decide)- I am so ready for this election year to be over with. It feels as if it has been the longest Presidential race ever!

Yogurt Shop- I don’t have one

Zoo Animal- Polar Bears


Please stay tuned for future posts! I have some really awesome ideas coming up for October!

Share with me either what you did recently or a few letter favorites!

We hope to hear from you!