Meet Isaiah! I heard about Isiah’s Wish through a friend of mine Alaina. Alaina and I have known each other since High School, so it’s been quite sometime. When I learned about Isaiah’s wish, I knew I wanted to help spread the word and help with Isaiah’s wish come true.


On July 11, 2011 Isaiah and his family found out that he had multiple incurable conditions. He had over 13 major surgeries, including 5 brain, two back and countless others, totaling more than 22 surgeries. He’s anticipated to have three more major surgeries in the coming year to his back and brain. Just recently, through therapy, Isaiah again is learning to walk for the first time.

During Isaiah’s surgeries he has learned that it takes 30,000 lip balms to support the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for an entire year.

14494753_10100640111234475_8545117298114182470_n Alaina with Isaiah.

Isaiah’s wish is to provide every child that is facing surgery with a lip balm. How are children using their lip balms? While on the surgical table, the smell of gas and acid from the surgical mask smells bad and frightens the small children. Children are lathering their faces and masks with their flavored lip balms, because it helps with the surgical gas odor. It also helps calm their fears as well.




The season of giving is right around the corner, but I want to start it earlier. I honestly don’t know a better way to get the “season of giving,” started than by helping children. It doesn’t get anymore pure than that.

Let’s make Isaiah’s wish a reality and help him reach his goal of 30,000 lip balms for every child facing surgery at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Please read this guidelines if you want to participate!

  1. Please only send LIP SMACKERS lip balm OR Avon brand, because they are the only ones that are approved for the surgical table. Very Important!
  2. They have to be sealed lip balms, please do not send any that have been opened or used.
  3. Isaiah’s wish runs until December 31, 2016

Please send to:

Hampton Inn Pittsburgh University Medical Center

Attn: Alaina Kuzins

3315 Hamlet Street

Pittsburgh Pa, 15213


**If you have any questions regarding this post please do not hesitate to contact me**