Lunch- Cation? Is that even a thing? Well for this post it is….

When Adrian was home last week, we all decided to take a 45 minute trip up Donegal, Pa to try this new little cafe called Out of the Fire Cafe. It lies in the mountainy area of Pa, within 15 to 20 miles away from the cafe you can see touristy attractions such as; Laurel Caverns, Falling Water and Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

It could be a perfect romantic getaway or a daycation!


This is the back view of the cafe. I totally forgot to take a front photo of the cafe. The building next to it has a few shops and it’s a spa!

I love the sound of that! spa…sign me up!!!


I really loved how cozy and welcoming it was. You have the option of sitting outside as well as inside. We chose to sit outside, because it was such as warm day. I don’t think we will be having many more of those kinda of days.

Oh..and before I forget this cafe is a BYOB or Beer.


You are able to see the chefs prepare meals.



For an appetizer we all shared their Charcuterie plate. It was so good and fresh. Sophia loved it!


As a lunch entree I got their Blackened Ahi Tuna Tacos. They were amazing! I could only eat about one and a half. They were so filling, and the seasoning they put on the Ahi Tuna was perfect.


Adrian got their Jeff’s Special Sandwich, he just raved over it. He even said the left overs were just as good. It was a massive sandwich, actually all their portions were big. So we definitely came out with some left overs.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and want to try a new cafe, I would definitely consider; Out of the Fire Cafe. Their food was amazing, there isn’t a single thing I can complain about.

The cafe would make a perfect ending to a day getaway especially if you plan on visiting any of the surrounding tourist attractions.

And remember to BYOB or Beer!

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