The Camera behind it’s a Bella Life


I can’t express how much I love…love….love this camera. This Samsung Nx500 camera is the best purchase I have made in 2016. I contemplated on starting a blog for about a year but I had two hang ups…the first was; what was I going to name my blog and the second hang up was the type of camera I would use.

I knew that when I started a blog I was not going to be happy unless it was going to look a certain way, especially with the photos. Prior to purchasing this camera, I was constantly taking photos on my iPhone, but my iPhone was not going to cut it.

Other than knowing that I wanted my photos to look great, I knew that I was going to have to do a good amount of research to find the camera that I was going to get the job done.

I am not a professional photographer, but it is something that I enjoy doing a lot. So, what was I looking in a camera?

1. I wanted it to have a high megapixels

2. I was looking for something that was smaller in size, but not tiny…(make sense?)

3. Be able to purchase different lenses for the camera

4. Wifi capability

5. Video recording

6. I wanted it to have really good reviews

Some of my favorite photos:


I must have researched this camera a thousand times, read a million reviews, contemplated buy it and then one night at midnight I was like”I just have to do this.”

And boy I am happy that I did.

I am still learning more and more about this camera, I honestly still have yet to use the video on it. There is just so much you can do with it. One of my favorite features is that it is really easy to use the wifi function that allows you to upload photos you take directly to your phone. So you are able to share that awesome photo through texts and social media! I love that fact!

SAMSUNG CSCThe action freeze setting on this camera is amazing! It’s so precise!

SAMSUNG CSCThis was actually the first “selfie,” I have ever taken on this camera. The beauty face setting gives you such a nice even skin tone, that it looks like I was wearing BB Cream or foundation, but trust me I’m not.



One of my favorite bloggers that I have been religiously following for about 2 years now has highly recommended this camera. She is a beauty, hair and lifestyle blogger and everything that she has ever recommended and that I have tried…I loved!

Between the reviews..Adrian telling me “just get it already,” and my favorite blogger high recommendation I just couldn’t resist.

If you are looking for a camera for whatever reason; you want to capture moments with your kids, if you travel a lot or if you’re like me want to start a blog.

Just do yourself a favor and purchase this camera!