Links & Loves & Thoughts!


I really love this photo of Sophia and I. We just came back from the Pumpkin Patch that day and was heading to the grocery store for some odds and ends. Our facial expression explain the entire photo. It is very rare these days that Sophia allows me to hold her, especially if we are out in public. She loves to walk around and explore.

If any parents of toddlers out there understand that they would rather explore than be held. I miss that cuddling stage so much, and when Sophia allows me to hold her I take complete advantage of it.

My mom happened to snap this photo of us last week, and if you follow me on Instagram then you might have already recognized this photo.

I read a quote on Facebook a few days back and it said something along the lines “take as many photos of you with your kids no matter what you look like. Because one day those photos is all they will have.” That really made me think, because I honestly do not have a ton of photos of Sophia and I together..I have more photos of her with other people. So my goal is to take a couple of photo of us a week, just so she will have them someday.



Now onto the links:

I bought this blanket scarf from Target last week. I heard that Pittsburgh’s winter is supposed to be really cold this year so when I was at Target…too.. you know pick up some odds and ends…40 dollars later…I came home with the warmest scarf in the world. I’m obsessed! I’m actually wearing it in the photo above!

I LOVE these Samantha Earrings! I think they can jazz up any outfit!

Have you tried the Bai water? It is so good!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?