Dinner & a Featured Blog Post


My friend Paula is an avid cook. She is always cooking up new recipes for dinner, so when I need ideas for dinner I will ask her “what are you making of dinner?”

I believe I ask her this overtime we have a “playdate.”

I always seem to catch her on a fish day, I really don’t mind because I love fish for dinner. So does Sophia which I am absolutely grateful for. She is a terrific eater, I can’t stress that enough!

So, a couple of weeks ago Paula shared with me this really good Cod fish dinner. I have never tried Panko Bread Crumbs on fish before, so I was curious to see if this was something that I was going to keep in my recipe folder.

And I did!

It was fantastic!

Had great flavor!

Didn’t have that “fishy” taste!

The Panko was really good on top of the fist!

The fish wasn’t dry or over cooked either!

If you are looking for a quick dinner…look no further! Try this Fasth & Crunchy Panko Crusted Baked Cod!

I think it will pair really nicely with a salad with fruit in it. Or rice and vegetables! The options are endless.

Oh, and a really good glass of wine won’t hurt either!


About a month ago I was contacted by a blog called Straight Hair Club to be featured on their blog. There are some other bloggers as well that was interviewed/featured about their advice on traveling with their favorite hair products! And hair care!

If you would like to read the article click here to read my response and the other bloggers responses as well.

You see… I gave you a dinner idea and some readying material!

Good food and reading…..my favorite combination!

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