The other day after coming home from a play date for Sophia, awaiting in my mail box was my Dearly Box that I order a couple weeks back. It is like a mini surprise just waiting for you!

Let’s just say I was more than please.

When I signed up I did the “one time box,” just to try it out. I love this option, because it allows you try it out and not be fully committed to something just in case it is not your cup of tea.

There are three box selections to chose from..Classic..Glam…Signature. I thought that Signature would be a happy medium between Classic and Glam. Then you also have the option to chose you metal type. I must have starred at these options forever… At the end of the day I ended up ordering blend, because I wear both gold and silver.

It honestly depends on what I am wearing so on and so forth! You know what I am talking about…right?

The necklaces are a layering necklace which I love. I honestly do not have any, I am more of a one necklace ‘wearer,’ kind of gal. I think what it is, is my hair always seems to get tangled in them. But these necklaces are dainty, light weight it basically feels like you aren’t wearing any. You also have the option of wearing them separately as well, which I have already done. I mean you can’t go wrong.


The cup is from Francescas

The earrings I looooove them! I love the color, and how good they look on! I wish I had someone to take a photo of me wearing them yesterday. If you follow me on snapchat you would have seen me wearing them. One aspect about these earrings is they won’t hurt your ears after wearing them all day. I enjoy a bold earring, but they hurt my ears..a few hours in I end up taking them off.

They are a new staple in my jewelry box. You can wear them all year around…I mean green is pretty universal..I think at least!

My Wishlist off of Lauren’s Website ElisabethAshlie

Kate Earrings

Samantha Earrings I love the Silver/Champagne…Gold/Navy….Silver/Navy (sold out atm)

Cup of Joe necklace

Heart Necklace

My list could go..on and on!

Her Dearly Box would make a really great gift for a signifiant other surprise in the mail.

Who doesn’t like surprises? I love them!

Don’t miss your opportunity to order your Dearly Box!

**This is not a paid promotion**