Weekend Roundup


Sophia has given me a run for my money recently. It’s as if she has gained an extra charge in energy (a big..HUGE), and I have decreased in energy.

I am finding myself grabbing an extra cup of coffee in the mornings which is rare, because weekends are usually my coffee days. I have grown an extra fondness to the messy bun look…and the athleisure wear look has totally crept into my wardrobe and took over.

Oh and makeup? Yeah right.

I haven’t even exfoliated in over a week…and it has taken a toll on my skin.

With all this being said I am taking a tiny..tiny break from blogging for a few days. I need to regroup, catch up on some sleep..prepare for more blos. I didn’t get any work done this weekend..it was a very busy!

I thought it would be a really neat idea to do a weekend roundup; meaning I will be showing totally random photos that I have taken this weekend. I hope you enjoy them!


This weekend was my moms birthday weekend. So I took her out to lunch to one of my favorite places to eat called Flowers in the Attic. I ordered the White Raspberry Latte, it was amazing! Better and Starbucks. If you have never been to Flowers in the Attic in Plum, Pa and find yourself in Pittsburgh it is definitely worth checking out. My mom gave me the most beautiful surprise bridal shower when I was marrying Adrian 2.5 years ago there. Absolutely amazing! I honestly don’t know why I don’t go to lunch there more often.


Jimmy spent some time in camp on Saturday. The photo is really blurry, because I did a screen shot of him. I love having the option of sending him to camp for the day or even over night if I need it. I think it keeps him social. He actually likes it. I tell him “Jimmy you’re going to camp.” He starts jumping and wagging his tail at the front door. If you never checked out Camp Bow Wow for your dogs, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing!


Is your mailbox being flooded with election advertisement? Mine was the other day! I am very much anticipating for this election to be over with, it seems like it has been the longest presidential race ever!!! All I know whoever wins, may it bring a positive outcome to our nation. We need it more than ever.


I called this number for Sophia the other day and she loved it! I must have called it a dozen times. She doesn’t know who Santa is yet, but she really enjoyed calling. She kept saying “call peas.”


Shop til’ your drop! That is exactly what Sophia did on Saturday with my mom and I. At the end of the day I ended up having to bribe her with M&M’s. She wasn’t having it anymore when we were at the grocery store. I don’t blame her, we did a ton of errands. I felt myself becoming edgy with the crowds of people that seemed to have swarmed every store we went to. Tis’ the season!


We brought home dessert from Flowers in the Attic. This cake is amazing! I definitely didn’t finish it all..way to rich for one sitting. Now, get me on a really bad day and PMS..then sure this could be devoured without thinking twice. But normally not so much. Remember the Matilda cake I made a few weeks back..that turned our horrible. This would have made the perfect Matilda cake not the Matilda cake I made!

Oh, and if you need an at-home date night with your husband or boyfriend rent The Purge:Election Year! It is definitely worth a night in!


Anyone potty training their toddlers? Sophia and I are in the process of doing this…and I guess her baby dolls are too! I will randomly find her dolls sitting on her potty. Sometimes Sophia will make me put a diaper on her babies when they are done going to the bathroom.

I mean I can’t say no to her…I think she is like me a hands on learner. Plus it’s adorable!


I have every intention of having a new blog up by Wednesday or Thursday this week! If I can make a few suggestions on older blog posts to catch up on!

Need a Thanksgiving decoration? Try this one out!

Need a dessert to bring to  Thanksgiving? Pumpkin Custard Cups are perfect! (you can make them the day before)

Hot Apple Cider will spice up any fall party! And it’s so easy!

Need a healthy snack for the kiddos? Try some Banana Yogurt Bites

The Best Party Punch is my favorite! I think I might make some for Thanksgiving!

Have a great Monday!

Ps: There was a small debate on Sunday before dinner a over, do you wash your ice trays out before refilling them with water to freeze. I say, yes.

What are your thoughts?