This week Sophia did a DIY Thanksgiving card this week during my couple days off of blogging. I wanted to surprise everyone with homemade cards from Sophia.  I personally enjoy receiving and sending cards myself..I just always think it’s nice to find something in the mail… especially unexpected. And that it is not a bill!

I have to admit, I have already added a few Christmas holiday stations to my Pandora list. It’s not that I have forgotten about Thanksgiving, there is just something about Christmas music that get me prepared for the upcoming holidays.

I think it has something to do any the “cheeriness,” of the music and how it makes me feel. But Thanksgiving is not an overlooked holiday at all.

It’s the one day out of the year I can eat all I want and not feel guilty about it, but most importantly  it is a reminder of everything I should be thankful for.

When Sophia and I were making these cards, I couldn’t stop thinking about how happy family members are going to be when they receive them.

Plus, they were super easy and fun to make.

Do you want to make them to surprise family and friends?

Here is What you Need: (All of these items can be found at Michaels Arts & Crafts)

Paint- Brown for the body, and any other color that you want to use

Blank Cards & Envelopes

Googly Eyes


Paint Brushes


How to Construct your Turkies:

  1. Using a paint brush paint the brown paint on your childs’ palm, then using multiple paint brushes or your fingers quickly paint the fingers different colors.
  2. Once hand is painted, press firmly onto the blank card. Allow to dry fully before gluing eye ball on, legs and beak.


I found this cute little poem on Pinterest, and I thought it would be perfect for Sophia’s homemade card. I wrote it on the back of the front page. Then on the opposite side of the page I wrote a little personal message for every person that is receiving a card.

I hope this influences you to brighten someones day by sending them fun mail!

Are you doing anything special for someone this Thanksgiving?

I would love to hear your stories! You may comment below or send your stories to my personal email at