Chicken & Dumpling Soup


I love Pinterest, who doesn’t? I could search their food recipes for hours, they always seem to have the most beautiful food photography. I have tried some recipes off of Pinterest in the past that have turned out really bland. I would think “the photo would suggest otherwise.” Then I would hit the jackpot on other recipes.

I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

Soup seems to be a staple for us in the winter. We seem to make it a lot, or at least trying new recipes.

Chicken dumpling soup has always given me a difficult time. I have tried many different recipes throughout the years, but they never seem to turn out the way the should…or at least the way you think they should.

My dumplings seem to turn into a “ooey-gooey mess,” that turns my broth into gravy.

It’s never a good situation. Jimmy doesn’t mind it though….

I am a really…really big fan of Pioneer Woman. I love her show, but I really love her recipes. Anything that I have ever made of hers has always landed in my recipes folder. My family has never been disappointed. Ever.

I recently came across her Chicken and Dumpling soup and I figured it would be dinner.

If we didn’t like it at least I turned to a professional for help…




I cheated, I bought a already cooked Rotisserie Chicken from our local grocery store. When I decided to make this for dinner..our chicken breasts were frozen-solid.


Let’s just say between the smell of the cooked Rotisserie Chicken and frying up the Onions and Celery, Jimmy was glued to my side.


Since we are all rabbits here…I cut up 3/4 of a bag of carrots. So I definitely added more than what the recipe called for. The carrots browned for about 10 minutes.


I did end up adding more broth, because I added probably tripled the amounts of carrots.


After the soup was done cooking I made up my dumplings according to the directions. I never thought putting Cornmeal in a dumpling. Cornmeal was not a staple food growing up. But I was surprised to find it in my pantry.

If you find yourself wanting to try a new soup or if you’re anything like me and find that your Chicken and Dumpling soup skills aren’t up to par…

I highly recommend trying Pioneer Woman Chicken and Dumpling Soup.

This would make a perfect dinner for a cold winter night.

Don’t you think?