Holiday Party Food Ideas


One of my favorite parts about the holidays is the food…I’m not going to lie or pretend I don’t eat. Ha..mama eats! It doesn’t stop me from eating healthy food, but I do like to add some fun to holiday eating.

What do you like to eat? Or what is your favorite dinner side dish?

Are you hosting a Christmas Eve party? Don’t know what to being to a party? Want a new idea to make for your festive parties? I could have you covered!

Think I asked enough questions!

I thought this would be the perfect time to flash back to some of the food I have made along the way.

So let’s get into it!!!

**Links to make food is in blue**


Charcuterie Platter if you make this platter I am pretty sure it will be a hit at any party. You can make this your own! Add some cheese..fruit..sausage…crackers..nuts and call it a day!


This Mint Hot Chocolate was actually my first party related post for the Christmas season. I typically love Hot Chocolate, but I had to twist things up a bit and try Mint Hot Chocolate! Your guests will love this! Definitely will keep them bringing it up for years to come!


I still don’t think you can’t go wrong with Brandied Sweet Potato PieNormally I am a Pumpkin Pie lover, but I believe this pie was awarded #1 this year. The crust…Sweet Potato center was divine. Just don’t forget to add the Cinnamon like how I did!


Make This Recipe Tonight is an awesome Pot Roast! I honestly can’t wait to make this recipe again…it was so yummy! You can make Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches to serve at a party! Veggies on the side won’t kill anyone either..probably just make them feel more healthy after indulging into some ‘yummlicious,’ treats!


Surprise your guests with some Starbucks Homemade Vanilla Steamers ! This will definitely put a smile on some faces, especially for those who might be expecting. Caffeine free..need I say more!


Pumpkin Custard Cups are super easy to make..and the best part is you can make them the day before! Makes life a little easier!


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in some Ice Cream! What makes this even more special is… it’s homemade! And really easy to make…like mind blowing easy. This  Homemade Unicorn Ice Cream recipe will show you step-by-step how to make it…just change the colors (Christmas colors..or whatever floats your boat) up and you’ll be in business!


Are you decorating any cakes for Christmas and need a Buttercream recipe? Check out my Let’s Talk About Buttercream recipe. It’s an Italian Buttercream…my favorite! It’s been a hit among friends and family!!!!


The Best Party Punch pretty much explains it! I used this at all my parties, and if you have any kids they will love this. You might not…because of the sugar rush…but it’s always been a hit! It’s a special party drink! **non- alcoholic**


I don’t know if you noticed but when it comes to parties I love fun drinks! This Hot Apple Cider will not disappoint. If you are hosting a party  let this bad boy simmer on low heat all day. The aroma that it creates all through the house is amazing smelling.


Don’t want pop or soda for Christmas serve up some Homemade Ice Tea! This is my favorite summer drink that I just happen to make all year round! It’s refreshing!


I know this doesn’t exactly scream holiday party idea…but if you’re having a breakfast theme holiday party or hosting Christmas morning breakfast this Cold Morning Oatmeal is the way to go. You also make it in a Crock-Pot…doesn’t it get any easier than this.

Thanks for sticking around for a long post! I hope some of these recipes I shared along the way this year helps you create a successful and fun holiday!

What are your plans for Christmas? I would love to hear!




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