OneTwoThree, FourFiveSixSeven

It sure has been a roller coaster ride so far this year, but this Saturday was sort of the icing on the cake. Sophia and I had an entire day planned to go to our first Lularoe party…have you ever been to one? About an hour before we were about to leave, Sophia vomits all over me and the comforter on my bed. It was completely out of no where, initially I thought she gagged herself, but right after she got sick..she started with a fever. Poor thing was not feeling well at all.

After spending a good amount of time at the Laundromat, then coming home to take care of my sick child, by the evening rolled around..mama was tuckered out.

Sophia passed out early on Saturday night…the house was empty & quiet…so I decided to light a candle & pour a glass of wine….and call it a mini me time.

I thought I would share with you what I whipped together for my mini me time.

I have been dying to jump into my Lush Bath Bombs that I bought about two months ago. If you live in the Northern regions and if your skin is like mine…especially my legs..turn into a dry-cracked mess…ugh…Lush Bath Bombs will moisturize your legs.

But…don’t forget to put body butter or lotion on after words..it won’t hurt..right?

How many of you read the book The Girl on the Train? What were your thoughts? I have not finished it yet. What other books do you recommend reading?

I have been dying to try out Fresh facial products for quite sometime now. The reviews are amazing, and considering I have highly sensitive skin..I have to be really careful about what products I use. Unfortunately I can’t use drug store products on my face, I will regret it for weeks. My skin goes nuts and I break out like no ones business.

When I tried the Fresh Rose Face Mask on my face I swear I could see a difference on my skin the next day. Magical? Yes! Psychosomatic? Nope…it honestly works. I’m in shock!

If I was a billionaire I would send all of my friends…family…and faithful readers a full jar of Fresh Rose Face Mask! I believe I am in love….

My night would not be complete without Aloe Infused Fuzzy Socks.

Ok..so I would love some feedback…How many of you have ever purchased Lularue leggings? I am a total leggings girl…and I keep hearing wonderful reviews on them…but I would like to see what you think!

By the way their Valentines Day ones are coming out soon….ah I can’t wait to see them!