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I thought it would be fun to do an unusual photo. Normally I try to more serious photos, but today I am in the mood to spice things up a bit…like me in cat ears.

If you don’t follow me on snapchat you can find me at Sarah_Bellalife it might be a good idea will get to see behind the scenes of my life… it’s anything but perfect and I even do baking tips as well. I love trivia, so when I know something fascinating…I share. Sophia and I are going to Hawaii in April, so you will definitely want to follow me, because I will be doing a lot of travel clips. get back to the point of this photo…if you are anything like me Target is my second home. I really wish I wasn’t being serious about that. Target has everything I could ever need.

Have you ever heard of Bauble Bar? Well, if just so happens that Sugarfix by Bauble Bar is now being sold there…and that is where I scored those tassel earrings that I L.O.V.E.

If you haven’t noticed tassels are now trending, I have not jumped on that ban wagon until these earrings.

I was really torn with some of the color options to choose from, but this year I am really into green colors. I am taking after by bestie Charnaye…every time I think of green I think of her…

Now onto links:

I bought these Nike Womens running shoe  (not that I run) a little over a week ago. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn….I want every color. I did end up with the white ones, they didn’t have my size in the black at the store. Any know any white shoe protectant?

Ever hear of Better Life BagsAh, it’s so cool…you can design your own bag. I have been eyeing this website for about six months. Check them out!

I am in search for a great Cherry Pie Recipe…I thought this one looked promising. I have never been much of a Cherry Pie person…until I had one that way to-die-for back in January. Now I am determined to make one from scratch…and hopefully love it. Do you have a recipe to share?

My dream vacation


I am currently sitting at a local Starbucks while Sophia is in school writing this post. Across from me is this group of men, it’s so cute (maybe not) to ease drop into their conversation. The fact that they are just sitting there talking about sports (particularly the Pittsburgh Steelers), their wives (nice comments) and politics is just awesome. And they aren’t ripping each others heads off either for having a different opinion. Amazing huh?

They are in their own world, completely enjoying each others company. I just love it.

I think a mini goal of mine this summer is to have a girls day with some friends I have not seen or “hanged out,” with in a really long time.

If you are curious I am drinking a Chai Tea Latte…they say tea gives you more energy than coffee right?