Spring FabFitFun Box Reveal


I have been awaiting for the arrival of my Spring Fabfitfun box! And to my surprise is was waiting in my mailbox for me to come home from running errands. That’s right waiting for me..


The first thing I noticed was the box! I love the bohemian look! The color and design is so much fun and perfect for Spring. I couldn’t wait dig in…I may have left the groceries on the floor so I can open it up…I wish I was kidding. My inner 5 year old child came bursting through the moment I saw this box.

I am going to do a review of what I received in my box….

**If you have not received your box….please don’t let my review spoil your surprise, so don’t scroll down**


And the fun begins….(One last chance not to peek, if you’re waiting to receive your box)


The goodies….at first glance my eyes were drawn right to the bright blue bottle…..skin care? Please!


I love…love…love skin care! I definitely heard of Dr. Brandt, but never tried it. I have really sensitive so I am particularly picky about what I used. I can’t wait to try this! Have you ever used this brand before? If so, what are your thoughts?


I never heard of this brand until I received this box. I am curious about how the shade may look on me, and how long it lasts for. I may have to do a review on this (tired of reading the word “may ?”)….considering I don’t wear a lot of nude colors. I don’t think I can ever find one for my skin tone that I like without look washed out..make sense?


Oh yea! This is definitely coming with me to Hawaii next month! I hope it doesn’t make my hair greasy. I never used this brand before nor have I ever heard of it, but I will definitely give it a whirl!


My skin “sooooo,” needs this, probably more than anything right now. My skin to me has been feeling really dull recently, especially just getting over being sick. I don’t know about you, but I swear being sick makes my skin more dry than ever or blah. Plus, Pittsburgh weather doesn’t help much for skin or even catching a flu.


I love Deborah Lippman nail polish. I remember seeing it in Sephora and could never justify the price of 19.00 dollars per bottle. So, this was definitely a surprise…and I can’t wait to try them out! Like A Virgin is the white (left bottle) and Shape Of My Heart (right bottle)..I think I am going to try Shape Of My Heart first….I don’t know though….they both are such pretty, fun, spring colors!


Hello Love…..where have you been all my life? These two will be going to Hawaii with me! They are so dainty and trendy! Plus, in rose gold…love!


I remember seeing these blankets last summer and never bought one, but I am so excited that Fabfitfun has decided to put them in their Spring boxes. How fun! This Boho blanket is going to be perfect when Sophia and I do picnics this summer! Plus, you could see this as a future photo backdrop…just sayin’.


I am so excited to try these gummies. Have you ever tried Natures Bounty brand before? I heard really positive reviews in the past about this brand, but never tried it..until now. I always forget to take my vitamins…I should probably set an alarm on my phone.


The best part about this wristlet..right wristlet? Well, that’s what I am calling it….it’s waterproof! And perfect for the beach! I secretly think Fabfitfun has been watching me and know that I am going to the beach soon, because half of this box is coming with me!

I am super pleased with this box! And I can’t wait to dig – in and try some of these products!

Do you receive the Fabfitfun boxes? Did you received this 2017 Spring Box?  If so, what are your thoughts?

I can’t wait for the Summer box!

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