So I took the plunge the other day and bought a Smoothie maker…well a Ninja Smoothie maker to be exact. For months I have been wanting to get into drinking smoothies for breakfast, but I could never talk myself into buying one. I always found something else came up that my money needed to go towards that was more important….(cough cough Sophia).

I found my Ninja Smoothie maker at target, with a gift card, saving up a little for it…



They had one on sale! I snatched it for a steal!

So, since I am absolutely new to the whole smoothie making process…I am looking at you for some advice!

What combinations do you like?

What are your favorite healthy smoothies? I am not opposed into adding Kale, Spinach and Probiotics. I do want to pick up Flax Seed, I heard it’s a good choice to add some extra Fiber to your diet….right?

Do you have any recipes to share? I will be brutally honest, it has to taste good. Nothing funky or gross…not something that will make me gag.

My First Recipe

1 Whole Banan

2 Whole Strawberries

1/2 Cup of Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt

1 Cup of Vanilla Almond Milk

**blend everything all together**


Are those bubbles normal at the top of my smoothie? If it was Creme Brûlée I would just take a blow torch to it.

Advice: When making Creme Brûlée…homemade that is….before you put it in the oven to bake, take a blow torch to it to remove the bubbles on the top of it (don’t be flaming Freddie..a back and forth motion real quick.). Unless, the bubbles don’t bother you…then leave them. But I can’t stand bubbles at the top of Creme Brûlée. 

One of my favorite parts about my Ninja maker is it has a “Smooth Boost,” option. It makes your smoothie extra creamy. Ahhhhh I love it. I really dislike when you can taste chunks in it, especially ice chunks. Eh, the thought of it makes me cringe…like nails down a chalk board.


This is Sophia earlier today before school drinking a smoothie….a Banana and Strawberry one! She loved it, she actually finished mine. I figured if she didn’t like it….at least I would get an honest reaction. She doesn’t hold back.

How do you like that crazy morning hair?


One of my goals this summer is to make awesome smoothies for breakfast with fresh fruit and other healthy ingredients.

Hey! Do you know any dessert smoothie recipes? I am a totally dessert girl….

Had to ask!

I would love your smoothie advice and recipes!

I should have a smoothie party on Instagram Live..we can sit around…drink our smoothies or coffee…and BS! That would be fun! Right?

Anyways, have a Greeaat (as Tony the Tiger would say… much coffee) & Safe Friday!