Come to Hawaii with Me


Hi guys! As many of you know I am going to Hawaii with my family for a few weeks, we will officially be back May 15th! I have not seen this side of the family in about 10 years, so it’s well over due!

I initially had posts that were going to be prewritten while I was gone..but…life definitely got in the way! I can’t express that enough. Last week was a really bad week for me everything and anything went wrong, so I believe this vacation is very much needed.

Upon my return, we will be hitting summer months and I am definitely looking forward to what that is going to bring us! I feel some new adventures coming our way and I can’t wait!

Please be patient with me in the next few weeks and once return from Hawaii we will be doing a lot of catching up!!!

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You will be seeing daily photos, videos…and possibly a live session! Stay tuned!

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And come to Hawaii with me!







I snapped this photo of my sister and I on Easter a little over a week ago. If you are a follower of mine on Instagram you may have recognizd this photo. It’s not often that we get photos taken together….personally speaking I think we both would rather be behind the camera than in front of it…..

Right Beans? Beans is a nick name that Crystal was blessed with many years ago. I am not exactly sure how it came about, but I always remember everyone referring to her as Beans.

She will always be Beans to me, except I have noticed with I am in a more serious manner that I do actually call her by her legal given name.

Or the other nickname I would call her was “ten words a day,” okay it’s like a sentence nickname, but growing up she was so quiet and just to be a jaggoff (pittsburgh slang) I would call her that.

Crystal is in all honesty my step-sister, she is from her fathers first marriage but that never mattered. I don’t remember the first time that I meant her, but she has always been my sister. Now, don’t get me wrong that were times when I didn’t “like her,” only god knows I probably annoyed the hell out of her, but we would definitely gang up on our brother Patt…the youngest, who ALWAYS got the sympathy vote….right Beans? I was the middle…and we all know what that means….haha.

Every time I think of her and I as kids…I remember she had this digital diary from like the mid to late 90’s…remember those? I’m pretty sure her’s was purple…It had a passcode in order to “read it.” There was this one time that she royally mad me mad…over what I have no idea. So, I stole it from her….(shh)….and tried to figure out the password….epic fail.

Even to this day, I’m not sure she knows if I stole it…but Beans what did you write? Still curious!


This is one of many of my dance recitals at a child, but we got Beans in a dress here! The photo quality isn’t the best….it’s from like 97′.

Are you going to kill me yet? Thank goodness in about 48 hours I will be thousands of miles away!

On a more serious note Crystal has always been there for me, she is one of the most nonjudgmental person I have ever met. I can tell her my deepest..darkest secrets and I know it won’t ever get out or she judge me for it. Other than being a great sister, she is someone that I could totally hang out as friends and know that it will never be a dull moment.

She was there for me with my first big break-up many moons many other aspects of my life. We just have the most fun times together, the stories I could tell you, would make you think “no way, all that happened in one day.” It’s never a dull moment!

We are doing a girls night for my birthday day next month…I’m hitting the big 29! ahh! I’m sure there is another great story in the making next month!

A Pop of Color


If you know me at all, I normally do not wear a lot of makeup especially in the Spring and Summer months. I have really sensitive skin…everything breaks me out….and it lasts weeks I swear.

Except I do love a pop of color on my lips during the Spring and Summer months. There is just something I love about a poppy color, it just brings more color to your face.

I have to admit and am horrible at finding pink colors that go well with my skin tone. Naturally, I am on the more fairer side, but when it comes to pink colors I am never satisfied with the colors I get. They are either do Barbie doll pink or way too hot pink.

Maybe I am just to indecisive….or too picky.

I found this perfect color in Showy Flamboyante by Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm. I love it! It’s perfect for the upcoming months. I think you can wear it day or night! This is perfect for you to dress up those t-shirt wearing days and will make a perfect date night color as well. You honestly can’t go wrong with this color by any means.

This lip balm is matte, but it leaves your lips feeling hydrated at all times. It’s not flaky.. and the color doesn’t fade. This will definitely be a staple in my purse in the upcoming months.

When I went to pick Sophia up from KDO today, the one teacher that I just love asked if I went on a date or if I had a date. I think for the fact that my hair and makeup was done for once.

Yes, I am that mother that picks their child up with bare minimum make-up on and sporting the ‘athleisure wear look.’ I normally hit the gym or walk the dog on KDO days…Im busy during those four hours.

I responded to her teacher by saying “nope, no date…maybe in the future…I just had a few extra minutes to myself before coming to get Sophia.” I think in some ways she was a little disappointed, but it did make me feel good. It’s been a really long time since I have felt attractive or felt good about myself.

I could totally us meeting up for coffee one day…she sort of reminds me of Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.

One a different note:


This mama has graduated from a temporary glasses wearer to a full-time glasses wearer. Make sense?

I recently went to the eye doctor for the first time in almost three years, and he said that my astigmatism has gotten worse since having Sophia. He now recommends me wearing them all the time.

So with that being said…

I also got contact de lensa! (must be said in a French accent)

And I love them! I can see details really well…and my headaches have seemed to have disappeared. Totally grateful for that.

I had contact de lensa about fifteen years ago, until they got stuck on my eye ball…I absolutely freaked and vowed to never wear them again.

Until now!


I am actually quite fond of the glasses, but I think I will only wear them at night or mornings. Except when I happen to tear my contacts or loose them.

That is bound to happen in the near future, I am sure of it.

Just wait until I loose both!

Yes, I am that person that will manage to loose both.


It wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t have a photo of my girl in it! This was after KDO, she ultimately wouldn’t take a photo with me.

Do you have a favorite summer lipstick ? Please share with me!



A New Idea Developing


Sophia thinks that she is growing one of those Chocolate Coins in her ear everyday. And I absolutely love it! It all started with my mom the one day when she came home from work, and she “pulled a coin out of Sophia’s ear.” She loved it and ever since then everyday she grows one. Sophia even went into her KDO class and told her teacher that she grows a coin out of her ear, I later had to tell her teacher the story!

And when she misbehaves it stops growing…..**mom advantage**

I love Sophia at this age, it’s so much fun. Everything seems so magical again.

You know what I mean?


I know I wrote a post on my new favorite coffee last week, but just in case if you missed it….this coffee is so good! I added Cinnamon to it…and takes it to a whole different kind of dimension. I honestly can’t complain. Looks like Starbucks is going to be on the back burner for a while, as long as Target keeps this coffee in stock.

I will be one happy mama.

I put the International Delight One Touch Latte in Mocha on top and I love it! The Mocha is my favorite so far, I tried the Caramel, it’s really sweet…definitely reminds me of a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. I have not yet tried the Vanilla, but it sort of reminds me of just whipped cream…or at least I think it would.

Have you tried the Vanilla? I will…eventually.



I have been thinking about this a great deal, and I believe sometime in the near future I am going to add another area on my blog, that deals with “self-love.” When I do I will go into further detail about why this is important to me and how we can help others and ourselves to learn how to self-love.

I believe in todays world we need to create a more positive impact on each others lives. There is just so much negativity going around that I think it can slowly impact on how we feel about ourselves and view other people.

What do you think?

** This will be a non-political area added to my blog. My intentions are to create a safe and positive space for us. This blog will never discuss politics or any sort.**

A Princess Party & Mini Makeover


Last weekend my mom and I took Sophia to a Beauty and the Beast themed party at Barnes and Noble. It was a blast! Beauty and the Beast is something that I hold dear to my heart, it always seems to show up when my life is changing. When I was a little girl I had everything Beauty and the Beast…from the bed comforter to the Mrs. Potts Teapot set.

I am pretty sure that my bedroom looked like a Beauty and the Beast gift shop…no joke. It makes me happy that Sophia gets to experience it, I am hoping she likes it as much as I did…wait…still do.

Sophia has not seen the movie yet, but I did buy her the original movie at Target about two weeks ago…we still have not watched it…I…Lost….it!

I think it grew legs and walked away…seriously.

But she knows who Belle is!

Now..I am going to bombard you with photos…


Sophia with Belle.


We ran into Sophia’s friend from the library Karsyn. I am so happy we saw her, because Sophia was talking about her the entire morning.


We even saw Evie from the library as well! Such an awesome surprise. I wish I could tell you that we had them purposely all wear the same dresses but we didn’t.


Ariel even came too! Sophia just liked playing with the sand.


My pretty girl! She is the best thing I ever done!


After the princess party we hopped right over the Barnes and Noble cafe for a quick lunch. I had a doctors appointment that I had to attend so the next little adventure is between my mom and Sophia. I just have to share it with you.


My mom and Sophia were in check-out at Macys Department Store, when Sophia tripped and fell. She smacked her head on the counter, and apparently started crying. One of Macy’s beauty employees came over to see if she was ok and said “I know how to make little princesses’ feel better.”

Sophia got her first mini makeover with Dior Lipstick. According to my mom she loved it!

I wish I would have been there to see her get all dolled up, but I am glad it’s a memory my mom gets to share with Sophia.

A Quick Saturday Share


Yesterday I was going to my second home…Target…to pick up a few odds and ends. When my friend Paula texted me about this amazing cold brew coffee that she recently purchased and that I had to try some….like now. If there is one thing about Paula, I usually like her recommendations, plus she is my coupon girl, she lets me know of good deals worth taking advantage of.

I heard two things…cold brew & amazing….


Plus, it was on sale which doesn’t hurt!

Have you ever tried Stok Cold Brew Iced Coffee before? This is a first for me.

If there is one thing that you have to know about me….I enjoy cold coffee immensely. It’s actually my favorite way to drink coffee. Not that I don’t enjoy a hot cup of coffee, but cold coffee is so much more refreshing to me. Does anyone else feel that way?

This cold brew coffee is the absolute best! It doesn’t have a funky processed taste at all. Completely smooth.

My only complaint is I wish I bought two!

If you are looking for a cold brew coffee try the Stok Cold Brew Ice Coffee – Not So Sweet. I always add a good amount of ice to mine along with some of this coffee creamerAnd it’s heaven!

Ps: If you are looking for a decent thriller to rent from Redox, try the movie Within.